Beauty Product Reviews

My signature smell.

I'm a bit of a hybrid girlie girl / tomboy, and this has been my signature scent for years. It's spicy and memorable, and the darker notes aren't overpowered by the vanilla.

If you happen to get the lotion, it's also fantastic - super hydrating (as far as scented lotions go), and by far the most scented body lotion I've ever used. You don't even need to fragrance layer.

Holy crap, my elbows aren't like a T-Rex's!

Normally, I have these terrifyingly leathery, greyish, mottled discolorations on my elbows. The skin there is so dry, it hurts like hell putting on any other lotion - for extremely dry skin, salves, balms, you name it, my arms mocked it. Then I found this stuff. It felt like heaven going on, and lo and behold, I have human arms again! (Not to mention happy cuticles and hands, which had also suffered, but to a less icky extent.)

I notice it also seems to make my face less oily; I tend to just rub my hands over my face after it's washed and I've done my elbow treatment. I put it in my hair the same way to make the flyaways less fly-y away-y.


I love this shadow the most out of every shadow I own; it's super pigmented, doesn't have crazy fallout, it's gorgeous, and last forever. I own all of the colors, but fishnet is the prettiest damn purple ever - it's got some irridescence to it, so it's a bit more striking because of the shimmer.

I want to huff my lip gloss.

This smells amazing. It's super shiny and gorgeous, albeit a bit on the sticky side. But I will totally ignore that because I'm way too busy trying to smell my mouth now.

Whee, buildable color!

I admit it, I'm a balm junkie, and any time I find one that has color in it, I snag one. I got the grape in this (mostly because purple is harder to find in a balm, and I have a bazillion pinks). I first off love that it's not super goopy or thick the way some balms can be. It's not waxy, and a bit on the more watery side, but not so much where it feels oily (I have this problem sometimes with My Lip Stuff).

Since I'm always slathering on Burt's or (when my lips get really fussy) Blistex Medicated, I didn't notice this giving me a huge moisturizing boost, but I did notice that the color was lovely. I like this for when lipstick isn't what I want or need on my face, but regular balm isn't enough color. It's my go-to balm for when I want color on my lips.