Black Orchid Eau de Parfum


Ramune  T.

This is one of my favorite parfum, I like this smell, also, this perfect smell stay on my body long hours. And, bottle is look very beautiful , black bottle I like it! This parfum always going with me everytwhere, one more thing when I want to buy it , firstly I go to this site and check.

Anne H.
Love this perfume!

I am really enjoying this new perfume! It smells wonderful with only one spray. I’m looking forward to using it regularly and will more than likely reorder when the time comes

Shree H.
Pure Perfection

I absolutely love this fragrance!! It smells rich, sophisticated, sexy and elegant! I will get a bigger bottle the next time I make a purchase!

Rachel W.

This scent defiantly is not for everybody, if you like super sweet light perfumes you will hate it. It's super strong, but that's one of the reasons I love it! It's the first perfume I spent over $40 on. I'm just that obsessed with it, I have it in my bag every where I go! It's sophisticated but it doesn't smell like an old lady! You must smell it!

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Lindsey F.

As soon as I read the description of the scent and others reviews I knew I needed to try Tom Ford's Black Orchid. After it arrived I wasn't disappointed. When first applied it's strong, but still intriguing. I can't help but take a whiff of it every so often. Some might find the initial scent too overwhelming, but it settles into the skin really well. One downfall I find that it fades within a few hours. Overall I can understand why this is versatile enough to be unisex; the scent is so complex and interesting. I can see this becoming a signature scent!

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Rianna H.
Damn!!! Tom

Tom Ford was possibly one of the most talked about designer of 2011. He's also another man I'd love to marry. I've read and heard a lot of reviews about this fragrance. I wasn't going to let anyone create mine, so I had to go and try it.The bottle is different to any out there, hence it's Tom Ford. At first it reminds you of a spritz the way it leaves the bottle, the first smell didn't hit me. I applied around 11:00am as I began my shopping spree. The scent + my skin = sensational. The smell last for hours. I Then bought the biggest bottle I could get my hands and smaller ones for my bag. I would recommend to anyone to purchase this, but note it will leave people lingering in your sweet stupor . Not for the weak-hearted

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Nichola O.
Sofisticated and womanly for that enchanting breed of woman who loves to be noticed... in a subtle way.

This is a gorgeous sophisticated blend of scents. Upon application it has an intoxicating blend of florals and amber spice. Nothing frivolous about this perfume. It says I know that you know I'm here :-)

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Darilynn T.

This is some powerful stuff when you first apply it. I think that it smells most beautiful after 8 hours, so apply it at night if you need it for the morning, or in the afternoon for night time. Worth the money, and it's good it's in a black bottle. It will LAST!!

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Sarah M.
My signature smell.

I'm a bit of a hybrid girlie girl / tomboy, and this has been my signature scent for years. It's spicy and memorable, and the darker notes aren't overpowered by the vanilla.

If you happen to get the lotion, it's also fantastic - super hydrating (as far as scented lotions go), and by far the most scented body lotion I've ever used. You don't even need to fragrance layer.

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Christina L.

I received a few samples with a Sephora purchase recently and this one of the products. It's definitely more of a manly scent. I tried it on, but I don't know if I would actually wear this out.

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