Beauty Product Reviews

Ohhhhmygod. Heaven scent in a bar!!

THE nicest soap you will ever buy. FACT! The smell is like candy floss and roses and smells divine. Seriously..even if you dont find that it suits your skin type just leave it in a dish somewhere in your bathroom and the whole room will smell like a sweet shop. I buy this every week, it is the only soap I use in my bath, to me this product is one of the nicest buys ever :)

This product doesn't remove heavy make-up. And of you that wear quite thick make-up like me this product won't work, save your pennies! If you wear light make-up it would probably be great for you, but agree with the review below..there's nothing I hate more than having to scoop product out, find out you have too much on your hands put some back in get bacteria all in it..yuck!

Soooo pretty to wear but goes EVERYWHERE!!

I have the 'Breathe' colour in this and i use it all over when im going out, I also like to build it up over my eyes with some false lashes - need to use a base again otherwise it just flakes off! I really love Illamasqua's colours but their products just seem SO heavy and flakey...Its not my favourite brand by far but they do have some great eye popping colours!

What I will say about this product is it goes everywhere...I mean the minute you open it after you have stored it in your make-up bag or whatever it just gets over everything, all over yourself, your carpet, everything...I've put mine into a new container!

Stunning colour, creases like mad though!!

Saying that.....twice I tried this and twice i didn't use a if you use one it might not crease. but without it will end up all over your face and in clumps in the corner of your eyes. STUNNING colours, but as for putting on your eyes..probably not the best metal shadow on market, and for £18.00 I wouldn't recommend buying it without trying it first!

Pretty good cream, tried better though.

This cream is a really nice cream don't get me wrong but what it lacked for me was a lovely scent. I know that it's made of natural ingredients and i think the main purpose of this cream is to be gentle on skin - and sometimes scents can aggravate, but when I use a cream daily i do like to smell glorious afterwards.

However, its a really nice thick cream that absorbs really quickly, great on scars and broken skin, left my skin feeling really smooth. I haven't bought anymore after I finished my tub as I do prefer other brands but it is worth a try!!

Fantastic colours, amazing packaging! Total cute buy!!!

I absolutely love POTC and love these!!! My favourite colour is 'skull and gloss bones', I bought four mini's and a large 'Mermaid Tears' and think they are all so sweet that I am going to purchase full size of all of them. gorgeous pastel finish, totally go with the POTC theme esp. that of the mermaids and the green swamps throughout the movie. The mini sizes are perfect for my suitcase as I go on holiday next weekend, buy them - you won't be sad you did!!