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Mini Gold Palette

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Ioana C.
Fantastic and very wearable

I must admit I did not purchase this palette from Beautylish, but was scrolling here for my next purchase and was baffled at the overall 4 stars review and had to write something. The colours are all amazing whether you use them to create one or more looks with this only or combining them with other shades from your personal collection. That matte khaki shade is absolutely stunning on hazel eyes, especially if amplified by the complementary glittery one. My hazel eyes are quite hard to notice (unless in bright sunlight) because I have a rather swampy, nature-toned green on the outside rim while surrounding my pupil is a lighter shade of brown, maybe some golden flecks here and there, very small — so they often appear plain brown. Their actual colour really shines when I use various tones of green or gold; this is probably the best colour scheme I have ever used. I imagine this would look stunning on different types of hazel eyes, as well as light/dark brown and green ones. Coming back to versatility, I sometimes use the brown shade for a more natural look or for creasing in other complex eye looks. The more golden shade is beautiful on its own and can be built up in intensity or played down — also wonderful to pop on in the middle of the lid if you’re doing a darker look. Really, all of them are useful. The textures are wonderful and easy to work with, especially if you have decent brushes. I have an array of synthetic and natural brushes (low-end and more expensive) and have never encountered a single problem. Well, as long as you build it carefully and don’t go in with a crazy amount of product. The glitters also look wonderful wet and/or applied with fingers. I actually broke two shades and was able to put them back using the old alcohol trick and they STILL perform beautifully. I haven’t checked the amount but for me at least it seems to last a good time, I haven’t touched the bottom of the pan yet, so good value for money. Also, I usually use primer on my lids, and I’ve switched various over the course of time; better or less so, the shadows always wore beautifully throughout the day. I can’t really say I’ve worn them for 12-15 hours but surely 8 at least, and it was rather sad having to take off my make-up as is still looked great. I own other two mini colourways and they are all beautiful, I just wanted to highlight that the khaki-greens in this one are particularly friendly. I have used similar shades but I think ND has chosen a great mid-tone for the matte and complemented it beautifully with the rest of the colours. Definitely worth purchasing.

Melissa G.

One of my favorite palettes I like the smaller ones because the clear front and simplicity The green and yellow and black are really perfect together depending on day or night.

Dirkje Maria F.
Photo of product included with review by Dirkje Maria F.

This is my first palette from ND and I had seen many reviews before and I thought this had to be the best eyeshadow ever. Unfortunately, I am very disappointed! The colors are really nice but unfortunately they do not last longer than 7 to 8 hours. Then they creep into the crease. I have much cheaper eyeshadows with which that does not happen at all or only after more than 10 hours. Of course, with the same base. This was not only my first but almost certainly my last palette from ND.

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Susan N.

I was really drawn to this palette. I put others in my cart but this one made it through to delivery. I'm enjoying it so much, the colors are warm and look great with my brown eyes and hair, but it'll look equally great on blondes, etc. the colors enhance each other and blend nicely. I'm going to keep this short and say that I wear the heck out of my Natasha Denona Mini Gold Palette. I've received many compliments. No need to say more than that. Excellent product on it too.

Willine K.

I waited a long time to get this. It's gorgeous! I think I will wear it more this fall. I have seen this look stunning on hazel eyes.

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Luíza C.
Perfect color story
Photo of product included with review by Luíza C.
Photo of product included with review by Luíza C.

What a beautiful palette! in love with this. The olive green and the gold are perfect and i highly recommend this mini palette.

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Angelica S.

I'm a newbie when it comes to wearing eye shadows. I started late, at age 45. However, let me say, I wish I had encountered Natasha Denona at the start of my journey, because it would have saved me a lot of money on make-up. Her formula is so creamy, so easy to use, and the colors of this palette are a great alternative to a standard brown neutral. I'm still not that creative with combinations of colors, but with this palette, I don't have to be. I can use each of the matte colors individually and simply accentuate them with the other glittery ones. This is now my standard for other make-up palettes; formula this creamy, shades this pigmented, and palette this versatile.

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Sophie Q.
A brilliant little green palette!
Photo of product included with review by Sophie Q.

I absolutely love wearing greens and this is my favourite green palette by far (although I have my eye on Natasha's big Green/Brown palette in the future!). But I think this palette also makes greens very wearable. The matte olive green is to die for, it's very true to colour on the lids and works beautifully as a crease colour or all over the lid for a very wearable-but-different day look. The lightest shade is a great transition colour as it has a slightly murky yellow undertone which works really well with the rest of the colours. The green duo chrome and the metallic gold are incredible shades on the lid, but the gold especially does have a lot of fallout throughout the day which is the only thing I don't like. The dark brown works well too, I like that it isn't just a deep matte as it gives more dimension on the outer corners due to the slight shimmer. Overall I think this palette is such a little gem, as you can do so many different looks and use the dark brown or matte olive as a base to really change the effect/shade of each shimmer too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it if you're looking for something that's a bit different while still being very wearable.

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