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Sanella A.
I regret buying that palette

Although you get quite a number of shades in there, ultimately many of them look the same on the lid. This was one my first products I purchased from Beautylish and from Natasha Denona half a year ago.

Staying power is not exceptional as I expected it would be and after a couple of months I am thinking to just give it away because I rarely reach out to this palette and maybe one of my girlfriends can at least benefit from it.

Two stars because some of the shades look really nice and the packaging is OK, but that's it.

Wendy Y.
Amazing eyeshadow but horrible delivery service

I have been wanting to get this palette but it is too exp and thanks god for the 20% off I finally bought it. I become a fan of ND eyeshadow after trying their sunset palette, love their quality of the shadows, no regrets of purchasing, but in term of colors, I probably prefer sunset palette over this star palette. The only downside of this purchase is the horrible delivery service from FedEx, their delivery process totally screw up and I lodged a complaint to them.

Karla G.
Not worth the price

I bought this palette many months ago. I was very excited to finally get it, since it was out of stock for some time. I played with it for a couple of days and did not love it, but decided to keep it and give it another try later. Suffice it to say, I still not love it, and regret I did not return it right away. A couple of shades look extremely similar on the eyes, so you end up with almost identical looks. Most of the shades perform okay, being the pigmentation the major problem. What most disappoints me is the price. I still can't believe I payed $169 for something, didn't love it, but didn't return in time. It is a pretty looking palette, but it is not worth the price.

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Samara J.

The colour range/choice of texture is superb, I would never normally use a couple of the colours in this but that's the thing with ND eyeshadows, the quality and pigment are so good that it's a joy to experiment and I end up using them all. I would recommend glitter glue for some of the shadows, its worth that bit of extra effort.

Hojin L.

It's my first Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette. I heard some mixed reviews and was worried it wasn't going to be worth the money. When I got mine, I was happy that I made this purchase. I've been using it everyday since.

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Qing X.
ND production date?
Photo of product included with review by Qing X.

After I saw a video regarding of productions date of products on ' BEAUTY NEWS ", I am very curious about this platte. Because when I got the produce ( I ordered March), the label on the platte looks very old and almost off. Because it is a independent brand so there is not too much information how to check the production date on serial Nr on package. I wrote to B service team, and the reply is " No they can not get it from brand neither." This sounds really odd to me. And I wrote (, the website looks really low budget and I could not even submit my question to this company. So I am quite disappointed about it. PS, The Platte is quite powder as many others said, worth the price? I am not sure.

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Stephanie C.

best eyeshadows hands down loved it so much i order the lila pallete eyeshadow blend easily cant wait to see for her next pallete

Laurie H.
My 1st ND 😭

It’s an amazing palette and I’ll never regret investing into it! The pigment and bled ability is out of this world plus the colors easily transform from daily to glam.

Kristina W.
Love It, But..

I actually really like this palette and her shadow formulas. However, for the steep price I paid, whether you use the Easy Pay or not, it's still extremely expensive. There are 4 colors in this palette that are literally the exact same, (the two gold glitter shades on the left side, and the two copper glitter ones on the right) which kinda sucks because you're basically losing two shades since they are the same. It's good quality and the matte shades are amazing, but the glitter shades (even with a glitter glue base) fall into my eyes and irritate my contacts, which makes my eyes red and irritated all day. I'm thinking of returning this palette to be quite honest but wanted to give an honest review first. There's a lot of hype surrounding these palettes, and like I said they are good quality the mattes are amazing, but when it comes to it being worth the almost $200 price tag? Absolutely not.

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Jenn E.
So happy with my decision to add this to my collection <3

Honestly, this palette makes me want more ND palettes!

I wanted to use all of the shadows in this palette before taking to reviewing it and after really getting into all of these formulas I'm so happy with my decision to buy this one. First and maybe most important to me, the mattes are a dream. I've seen some reviews about fallout and while in the pan the matte shades do act powdery, but I've never had ANY fallout with them. The pigment is there, and they don't get muddy when you build them. For me personally, I can have difficulty with browns showing on my skin tone and every single one of these works for me.

The duo-chrome shades are stunning, also have not had an issue with fallout on these (I use my finger to apply to my lid with these). The metallic shades I've gotten a little bit of both, some did not have any fall out, but Bellatrix specifically did. I found that it was so fine that it didn't bother me much and the color is just to die for so if I wanted to be particular I'd use a bit of primer next time. Otherwise it's liveable.

The crystal shadows will need a glitter glue or primer, I knew this going in just based on the texture of the shadows out of the pan so I tested these with the ELF glitter primer and I had no fallout issues.

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