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Jeffree Star

Skin Frost


Heather D.
Chunky and patchy

This highlighter is not smooth and glowy. It is chunky, sheer glitter. It doesn't blend out well and really emphasizes pores on the skin. It swatches poorly with brush or finger and doesn't blend well on the face. It looks like cheap glitter and has a lot of fallout. I will be returning this!

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My Beautiful Flaws B.
Bad Formula - Dry Chunk of Glitter

I was looking forward to the new Eclipse collab highlighter because the shade appeared to be a better match for my skin tone compared to the others. You get a lot of product for the money, compared to other brands. However, something is really wrong with this formula. It's completely unusable, and I'll have to return it. Thank goodness for Beautylish's superior customer service. You can't go wrong when ordering from here. The highlighter is very dry. It will not grab onto a brush.... any brush. It won't even swatch with a finger. I've tried several different brush styles, ranging in size, density, and firmness. When I swirl a brush in the pan, it literally flicks glitter all over the place. It won't grab on to the brush where I can apply any product to my face (or on the hand for a swatch). It's like a dried out block of glitter. No thanks!

I feel like the quality of Jeffree Star has done down quite a bit with his last couple of LE releases. I hope he will focus more on quality in the future, rather than assuming customers will buy for a celebrity name only. The products used to be great, but not anymore.

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Tina T.
Really want to like it, but....

First of all thanks for the great service and fast shipping for this order. I was very satisfied for this order until I used this product for the first time. This is my first JS product and I bought it because of the hype and I really want to try it. Unfortunately I found this highlighter was not easy to apply on any brushes, the fallout was terrible, and texture is dry. Basically the whole product is a huge chunk of glitter. I really want to like it so I gave it many shots and end up with "hard pan". Hard pan is normally show up by frequently applying the powder by greasy brushes or fingers. I do believe I used clean and dry brushes/fingers so I believe the issue was from the quality of this item. I'd like to give this item a 2 star instead of 1 because of he generous pan size, the beautiful color and the nice-looking packaging. I already sent out my returns today. I want to give a 5 star for Beautylish customer service. Shipping was fast and the packaging was perfect. The team also responded my return request quickly and this makes the return process easy and smooth.

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Taylor R.
Am I doing something wrong??

This is my first Jeffree Star highlighter and I'm so confused. Everybody always says how buttery and smooth his highlighters are but the one I got is super chunky and rough. I tried to apply it with my fingers (because I was on my way to work and didn't have a brush) and the product just kept building up on my finger and not transferring to my face so I could only imagine how much harder it would be with a brush? So far I'm not very pleased with this product.

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Hannah B.
Feels like a different formula from the other shades...

This is really a gorgeous color and is highly pigmented just like most of his products.... but I have a couple of his original highlighters, and this one feels really kind of creamy in a way, like you have to kind of really dig in it to get anything on your brush or finger or sponge, and then it is clumpy and smears.... but it still works regularly, you just have to do quite a few applications to get it to show up enough, which really isn't that much of a problem. I think it's just going to take getting used to. I don't hate it, and I will definitely use it, it's just a little strange that it's so much different from his other highlighters.

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Zoe Z.
Did I receive a defect?

I watched youtube reviews eclipse supposed to be very easy to pick up with high pigmentation. But I can hardly pick up any product with my brush.... I use a Suqqu cheek brush, which is an incredibly soft brush to pick up blush and highlighter. But even with multiple attempts, there's only a thin layer of glitter on my brush, but caused tons of fallouts outside of the pan. I have no problem picking up hourglass, tarte, cdp, nars... (I did use a different brush, which is firmer.. but with same result.) During application it does not apply onto my skin that well either, the product just sorta flies everywhere. SO... IDK if I received a pan that's just different from other's? Or I'm doing the application wrong??? It's a beautiful color and I won't lie it's a HUGE pan, but without color payoff tho... it'll probably end up in the bottom of my drawer.

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Adrienne A.
Adrienne A.'s Review Image

Hard pan no pigmentation worst highlighter ever lumpy flakey just terrible doesnt blend out emphasizes any imperfections in the skin looks very uneven even when used wet it looks terrible

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Cathy R.

Eclipse is a gorgeous highlighter shade and it really compliments my skin tone. From the packaging, embossed branding, shade, pigment, and overall quality, I am obsessed! I applied the highlighter on one cheekbone with a brush as I normally would and was in love with how blinding it was. I applied the highlighter on the other cheekbone with my finger to see how it would apply and it applied just as well! Beautylish did a great job packaging the highlighter separately with bubble wrap.

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My Beautiful Flaws B.
A Glittery Mess

This will be my last Jeffree Star purchase until I can be assured that the quality of his products has significant improved. I have several of his lipsticks from earlier in 2016, and I love them. During the summer of 2016, quality took a down-hill turn, and there have been significant issues with everything.... the summer lipstick collection, the winter lipstick collection, and now with this collab.

The Eclipse highlighter is a great concept, but it's actually horrible. This doesn't even give a good finger swatch. It's dry, chunky, and glittery. Definitely not smooth, creamy, blinding, or consistent. It won't even lift up onto a brush. I have tried all kinds of brushes. I have over 50 brushes in my collection. When you dip a brush into this, it literally throws glitter all over the place. It feels as if the pan has been sitting open and dried out over an extended period of time. It doesn't work with brush or finger application. I'm honestly sad because I think the color of this could be pretty.... if I could get pigment to apply instead of sporadic glitter flakes.

I just can't justify supporting this brand anymore. It's not consistent, and little attention is paid to quality.

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Vicky  F.
Super dry formula

This is my. First JS skin frost and what a disappointment. I feel like I got robbed. The formula is so dry and not barely pigmented. I've tried multiple brushes and none seem to help. The first application just looks like texture or almost uneven. You have to really really build it up to get good color payoff. Once you do build it up, it cakes up and created texture that you don't even have. Horrible product!

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