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Metal Straw 4-Pack

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Aimee M.
Work well for to go drinks or reusable coffee cups

I bought these directly from the JS website as a gift for my husband. They are very well made and he loves that they are pink. I like that there is a cleaner included to get you started. My favorite part is that they are thinner than most metal straws I've purchased in the past and fit nicely into fast food cups.

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Lauren W.
Love my straws
Photo of product included with review by Lauren W.

Seriously greatest thing ever I wasn’t going on to order these but as a collector i just had to and I love using them. I want to order more for my kids

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Kimberly  M.

Love these metal straws! So glad I was able to get them before they sold out! Love the pink and the fact they come with a cleaner. My son wants some blue ones lol jeffree please make more colors!

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Dragon M.
The Summer Freeze

I love these!! The metal straws are excellent they keep every sip icy cold! Beautiful shades of pink in a retro vibe. I love the cleaner that came with them:)

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Aeriel S.
Love them!

Great straws for great price, I love that it comes with a cleaner as well. Easy to use, easy to clean. Very pretty colors

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Kristynn L.
So happy with these

I literally bring these everywhere. I was at a waterpark yesterday and instead of using the paper straws, I had the chrome pink straw and got to use it instead. I love the quality of these and they fit in most drink cups!

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Lacey  K.
Not too bad

I really enjoy the straws, and the colors are very pretty. The only issue is they're painted, so it starts coming off quickly if you use them in cans

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Atta J.
Amazing experience

I ordered these straws from Belgium. They came sooner than expected! The packaging is really nice and the handwritten note I asked for was not forgotten. I will definitely be ordering from beautylish again!

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Jessica H.
Save the turtles!

This product is great for our environment, is also very easy to clean and maintain. My complaints on this product is if you're clumsy person like myself you don't want to be walking through the house with this in your mouth or taking a sip or putting it in your mouth too fast you could easily chip a tooth I wish these we're more of a hard plastic instead of the metal because the paint does Chip I've noticed and I hate that it doesn't look the same after it's chipped it looks trashy so if you buy this just beware especially if you're a clumsy person like myself

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Adriana  I.

These straws are so cute and so fun. I love the size of them and the fact that they come with a cleaner. I’m happy that they come in a pack of 4. I keep one at work for my morning ice coffees. The only thing is I wish they came with a little pouch so I could take a couple of them on the go in my purse without having them sit there with my makeup/wallet and other items that are touched constantly.

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