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Metal Straw 4-Pack

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Juliette D.
Fun if you're a Jeffree fan

I ordered these straws in green because it's my favorite color and I was excited they made them. These are a fun product if you are a Jeffree fan, but if you're not I wouldn't recommend them because you can get metal straws for a much better price elsewhere (I got a 10 pack of gold colored metal straws at Marshalls for around $8). BUT as a Jeffree fan I love drinking my Red Bull with these :)

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Leah P.
Low quality

I am all for the idea of metal straws but if you do not baby these straws the paint comes right off and goes directly into your mouth.... Just not a big fan of that idea I'm sure if I scratch the rest of the paint off they will be fine and I recognize that it was because I was using them wrong just kinda bumbed cuz I got them in my V day mystery box

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Irina I.

I'm so glad I ordered these straws! They feel very high quality and the shades of green and gold are absolutely gorgeous. Now I drink my RedBull with more pleasure! :)