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CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ Travel Size

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Beauty M.
Ideal for travel and as a second spf with coverage

I really do like IT cosmetics cc creams. I ALWAYS wear spf as I have melasma and hyperpigmentation. I bought the tan as I am normally medium neutral but was travelling. It’s an ideal size for holiday and gives a great extra layer of spf as well as fantastic coverage! You can sheer the coverage out if you want or build it up for full coverage. I’m in my 40s and don’t like heavy looking foundation anymore. But I still want coverage to cover my scars and hyperpigmentation etc. I use this as well as the illumination version and I prefer that over this one personally as I like the glow it gives. I Was getting ready the other day and forgot to put my spf on. I realised after I had put primer and foundation on. I was running late and didn’t have time to redo my entire skincare. I went out and was in the sun on and off (did try to avoid as much as I could!) and my melasma and hyperpigmentation didn’t come out at all!! I caught the sun on my arms, legs, shoulders and back, but my face and neck remained as white as the screen you’re looking at! It’s not ideal to not wear spf as well and I DON’T recommend it (just a small disclaimer!) but I have to say, this actually protects you really well. The coverage lasts all day if I set it. If I don’t then it does fade after about 5 hours. But it doesn’t look too heavy on me anyway and I have older skin with fine lines and a lot of scarring so uneven skin and skin tone. This looks great and lasts well. I do still prefer the illumination one but again only when set. Otherwise it won’t last the whole day. I’m a massive fan of bye bye under eye concealer as well. To add, I have over 100 foundations and even more concealers. I’ve been reaching for this one and my revolution cc which is a great dupe for it (apart from its only spf 30 and doesn’t have as many skincare benefits like this does) I’ve actually managed to go through 2 full size of the illumination and one of the full dice of this one. I bought the travel size for reasons above, and as I am paler in the winter it’s a great mixing shade for my lighter version and the illumination version of this. Then as I darken I add more of this until I’m just this colour. I am European skin so I only have to look at the sun and I will tan even with low spf on. For me to actually use up foundation is unheard of. So that should give you an idea.

I have normal skin, gets dry in the winter and slightly oily t zone in the summer. Both this and the illumination are perfect on my skin!

Denise A.

I have really oily skin and this product doesn't make me look like I can fry an egg on my forehead. I LOVE IT!! Also u can combine with the Bye Bye pores powder and you'll stay matte all day!! This is now my favorite foundation.

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Sara A.
High coverage

Very light on the skin, but still covers really well.. great product, little bit darker than my skin tone, I'm an NC40 in MAC and I need to mix tan and medium to get my perfect shade..

Sammy T.

I have really dry skin and this product just made my skin look more flaky after application. Also, I wish they would come up with more color range.

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A M.
Great coverage and good color match.

Unfortunately was only able to try this product a few times before I lost it (typical me), but I instantly fell in love with the formula and coverage of this cc cream. I have a few blemish scars and although it didn't fully conceal them with one layer, it gave a decent amount of coverage without it looking like I had makeup on and also without it looking like I did a bad job at concealing my scars. The undertone wasn't right for me when I first applied it, but after a few minutes of it being on my skin, it seemed to blend in to my skin tone and look a lot closer to my undertone (yellow). It was slightly too dewy for my liking but setting it with a powder would solve this issue I suppose. Was unsure about whether i picked the right shade but the swatches on google images are pretty accurate to the product color. (also he color strip on the tube in the picture display seemed to be accurate). Definitely going to be buying a replacement tube soon - most likely in the full size this time.

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