Bright On Massage Activated Vitamin C Mask

How to Use: Bright On Massage Activated Vitamin C Mask

How to Use: Bright On Massage Activated Vitamin C Mask

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Megan S.
A killer clay mask

I've tried seriously every high to low clay mask out there- this one is great. I received it as part of my luckybag this year and it is definitely a repurchaser. More like a treatment and not overly drying. I'm not bothered by the scent, I find it quite nice and fresh, but those who are sensitive to fragrance may not enjoy it. It doesn't 'crackle' as it dries like so many "pre-mixed" type clay masks do (as opposed to those you mix yourself using a dry and wet component and brush on)...and I don't get that painful baby-hair-pulling removal that is common with many clay formulas. All around a great mask, I've been ramping up use as weather has warmed and I feel it's doing a good job at keeping my usual summer skin explosion of oil and ocs in check.

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Sabina  A.
Amazing product

Such a brilliant face mask, I use this weekly and see a noticeable difference straight away in my skin.

Cortni J.

I initially gave this product 3 stars but...not gonna lie it’s favulous. I was a little mad because of the price. But I find myself afraid to run out. It smells fabulous and I use this as an overnight mask almost every night mixed with lixirskin vitamin C paste which I love as well. My skin looks amazing. I’ve stepped up my routine but I’m reordering despite the high price. I’m not even finished with my first tube as a little bit goes a long way! Thanks to Farmacy for creating this!

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Sophia C.
So glad they have this on Beautylish now!

This is the perfect mud mask. Instead of just drying out your skin, there is an actual treatment going on. I noticed if I do this once a week with my regular skin care it helps my skin especially after traveling. It is kind of like a kick in the butt! I would highly recommend and I will definitely be repurchasing.

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