Dew It All Total Eye Cream

How to Use: Dew It All Total Eye Cream

How to Use: Dew It All Total Eye Cream

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Elizabeth K.
Just so-so thus far

I haven't had this long enough to decide whether I like this enough to keep. It hasn't irritated my sensitive skin, is very creamy, soaks in quickly, and makeup applies easily over it. So far, it just doesn't seem to be minimizing the fine lines and puffiness that I expected from its online description. I'll keep using it for awhile longer to see if I notice any improvement before deciding if I should return it.

Klaudia S.
Not impressed

I have very weird relationship with this eye cream because sometimes my skin feels completely fine when I use it and sometimes it stings so bad around my eyes.

Christina W.
Feels so nice

Very hydrating, sinks in fast, has no fragrance. Makeup applies beautifully on top of this!

Eurydice  L.
A little goes a long way!

I bought this eye cream hoping that it would be decent for the problems I'm having with my skin texture and how makeup looks on my skin in the eye area. And after using it for about a month or so I did notice that the skin around my eyes looked less lined under my eyes and less crepey on my inner lid when I had applied makeup (I'm 38 and starting to have issues with my eyes already) and it really doesn't take much of the product to get results so for the price that was a huge plus for me!

-very good looking results for when you are looking for something to make your eyes look great when using eye makeup and concealer. -decent price for the quality of the results the cream gives you. -a little goes a long way! -and it doesn't make your eyes sting or water.

I definitely recommend this one if you're in search of a decent eye cream! 👍🏻

Christina W.
New daily under makeup

Such a hydrating, quick absorbing eye cream. This has replaced my Dermalogica, I love it.

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Keisha M.

Switch from Clinique to this wonderful cruelty free brand! I love how it works instantly and isn’t fragranced most eye creams I’ve used has a harsh perfume smell not this one! Totally worth every penny a little dab truly goes a long way

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Jaide R.

This eye cream is the bomb. It leaves my eyes feeling nourished and hydrated. The tiniest amount of product goes a long way. Put this on at night and in the morning my eyes are so increasingly soft. It doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. I’ll be buying 5 of these when I run out

Gwen G.
Best eye cream I've tried yet.

I was looking for an eye cream without dimethacone for a long time that also doesn't give me milia when I wear it often. This one fit that bill and is priced well. It helps plump up my fine lines on my dry skin and keep it hydrated. I must say that for me, it doesn't wear well under makeup so I can't put it on in the morning when I'll follow up my routine with makeup. But as a night eye cream, it's perfect.

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Tara S.
Love the tingle

A little goes a long way and this does not disappoint one bit. My eyes look brighter, the skin surrounding is softer and the fine lines seem ironed out.

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Brittany S.
You Can Feel it Working!

This is the first eye cream I have ever bought-- I was so behind the times! I am 28, and was starting to notice more fine lines around my eyes and wanted to address them ASAP. Before purchasing the Dew It All Total Eye Cream I thought, "why can't I just put regular face moisturizer on my eyes?"

Once I used this product, I knew the answer to that question. This eye cream is so much more rich and heavy feeling than any face moisturizer-- and for good reason! The skin around your eyes is delicate and needs some extra love. I could feel the weightiness of this moisturizer right when I applied it, and it felt like it was really working to nourish the skin around my eyes.

I have been using this every night for three months, and I still have a decent amount left. Once I finally do run out, I will certainly be repurchasing.

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