Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer

How to Use: Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer

How to Use: Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer

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Lindsay K.
Best Moisturizer

I have combo (leaning towards oily) skin. I have used this product for over a year and my skin shows it. I started using this because of the "clean" aspects of it. It became my go to, when I discovered how light weight and residue free the moisturizer is. I can wear this product alone on a no make-up day, or under my favorite primer with no issues.

Natasha A.
This is the stuff.

I been on the hunt for a good super fast absorbing moisturizer, something equal to Tatcha water cream minus the hefty price point lol cause let's be real here, I just can't bring myself to spend 90 dollars on a moisturizer, the only reason I was using it is because I got a couple of the deluxe samples and I bought a 10 or 15 ml off buy and sell, anyway this stuff surpasses Tatcha, I absolutely love and adore this moisturizer it isnt heavy at all!!! It soaks right into the skin and leaves it feeling sooo soft and smooth, like I said on my skin balm review I'm becoming OBSESSED with Farmacy products and I'm super happy it's on Beautylish because not only do I get to do payments the shipping is so extra lol I love that it's at my door pretty much the next day

Jaide R.
Oh she glows!

Love this product. Packaging is gorgeous and love the hygiene of using a spatula. A little product goes so so far. Leaves my skin feeling quenched and so glowy, the hydration lasts all day too! It doesn’t feel heavy in any way, sometimes I forget I put it on. Will definitely be a repeat purchase

Wendy Z.
It’s nice but

I really love this cream - it’s lightweight and hydrating, oh and the smell, it smells amazing! However, it does not wear well with other dry oils, primers or foundations for me (I have tried la mer, tatcha, good molecule, sk II etc) - just flakes right off when you massage into the skin. I have read that other people don’t find it a problem, so not sure if it’s just individual dependent.

Lixia L. Team
Lightweight Yet Super Hydrating

Although the texture of this moisturizer is lightweight, it delivers on a boost of hydration that is ideal for dehydrated skin. It contains three different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid which penetrate the skin at different levels while plumping out the skin by drawing moisture to it. I would highly recommend this product for oily skin gals out there that are not fans of the suffocating feeling of a heavy moisturizer. The texture is completely non-greasy and has a nice slip that leaves the skin balanced. This would also be a great option for normal to dry skin types in the summertime.

While this moisturizer is not the most occlusive, it does contain camellia seed oil to add much needed lipids to dry skin. While camellia seed oil has a higher oleic acid content, it is a drier oil that absorbs easily into the skin. Although oils with a higher linoleic acid content is more ideal for oily and acne prone skin, I have never found this moisturizer to have broken me out. I look forward to the warm but slightly sweet scent from the combination of honey, propolis and royal jelly within this formulation. Honey is a great humectant, propolis is quite soothing and royal jelly is very antioxidant rich. As I am hitting the bottom on this well loved moisturizer, it is needless to say that I will be repurchasing a replacement.

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Brittany S.
My Favorite Part? The Packaging!

Slowly, I am becoming a Farmacy junkie. Everything I have tried from them is great, and the Honey Drop is no exception.

The texture of this moisturizer is lovely and feels so light on your skin. It also absorbs into your skin really quickly which is great for a morning moisturizer before applying makeup. I definitely would not recommend this moisturizer if your skin is dry. I actually bought this to use in the summer but I couldn't resist giving it a try. My skin is too dry right now for it to be my everyday moisturizer, but I know in the summer it will be perfect for me.

My favorite little surprise with this product is the packaging. The lid is magnetic so you can stick the little spatula on top and you won't lose it. When I discovered that, it made me so happy! What a smart idea.

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Jasmine T.
Absorbs beautifully!

I have combo oily-dry skin with adult acne, and finding moisturiser that doesn’t keep making me even MORE oily is difficult. After reading the reviews of this product, I decided to dive in and give it a go. ZERO REGRETS. This absorbs so well into the skin, and it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. It literally feels like a drink of water for my poor skin. And my makeup actually looks better!

Angelina G.
Broke out.

Le sigh. I wanted to love this. I thought light weight it will be great for summer and maybe winter. Winner in my book. I bought it and started suitor right away. After about a week I noticed I started breaking out all over my face. Had no idea what it could have been until, boom, the this was the only new thing I had started using. Stopped using it to see and my face cleared up. I even tried it again because I wanted so badly to love it but as soon as I did I started to breakout again. I gave it away so maybe someone could get use out of it. I have dry skin and it’s generally non problematic. I can layer oils, acids and my skin can handle it but this face cream was not it for me. I hate that they put it into all their sets too. I liked Rise and Shine, but not this one.

Denise B.
My holy grail summer moisturizer
Photo of product included with review by Denise B.

I received a deluxe sample of this months ago, and by the time I emptied it, I’d fallen in love. It has the lightest, non-greasy formula, perfect for dry skin in the summer months. It still packs a moisturizing wallop, thanks to the golden cupuaçu butter beads that float throughout the gel cream. It took my a very long time to purchase this, because I kept debating with myself that it’s pricey, and I already owned quite a few lightweight moisturizers...obviously, I eventually broke down & bought it. It’s not necessarily SO earth-shakingly different from other products, but it’s just a bit better. The ingredient list is no joke, it absorbs quickly, keeps my skin soft -but not greasy- and is 100% perfect for daywear. At night, even in the summer, I usually pair it with facial oils or a second, lightweight cream (like Bioderma Cicabio).

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Danielle S.
Love it so much

So soft and light and gentle! I adore the entire farmacy line! Im fair and sensitive and have zero issues!