Beauty Product Reviews

Awesome finish!

I bought this product for the first time recently and immediately fell in love. I don't use foundation, so I use this as my main all-over face powder, just to cover up some of the oil on my skin.The thing I love about this product the most is that it does not leave me face looking dry. It gives me a nice and healthy glow, which is awesome especially going into the spring/summer months!

Perfect Pinkish/Nude

I recently purchased this lip shade and when I put it on, all I kept thinking to myself was "why didn't I buy this color sooner?" This shade is more on a pinkish/nude side rather than a true nude. I think this shade looks a little bit better on those with lighter skin tones. I am in the shade NC30 from MAC, and my friend, who is about an NC42, does not like the way it looks on her. I find that wearing super nude lipsticks tend to wash me out, so if you are anything like me, then this shade would be perfect for you! The color is also very creamy and long lasting. It does not dry out my lips at all!

Great kit!

I don't have much to compare this to, because this is the first and only eyebrow kit that I have ever used. I love it so much that I don't feel the need to try anything else. Why should I pay more money for a high-end brow kit when I can continue to pay $3.00 for something that works perfectly fine! I get well-defined yet still natural looking brows from this kit. The product lasts a long time as well. I've been using the same kit for months and months now, and I barely hit pan. I still have a long way to go before I need to buy a new one! Love this stuff!

AMAZING primer!

When I initially purchased this primer, I have no expectations (good or bad) whatsoever. Prior to buying this stuff, I did not read any reviews about it, so I bought this on a complete whim. I figured, why not? It's only $1.00. If I like it, awesome, if I don't, whatever. When I first tried it, I noticed that it had a similar consistency to the Urban Decay Primer Potion. After using it under my eyeshadow for the whole day, I noticed that there was absolutely NO creasing! I am SO in love with this primer, it's not even funny. For $1.00, I think EVERYONE should try it. It definitely beats paying $18.00 for one. If you like it, then you just saved yourself $17.00, if you don't like it, it's only $1.00. Either way, it's SO WORTH IT!