Beauty Product Reviews

Love at first use❤️

Just starting using baby lips! I already see I difference in my lip texture. My lips were dry and cracked and they are now getting much better. No other product has been able to do this for my lips. The color tint adds a nice finishing touch to any makeup look. Color and moisture all in one👌

My everyday foundation!

I've been using this foundation for 2 years now. I love it so much! It provides just the right amount of coverage without it looking unnatural. I love the fact that it fights my acne and doesn't clog pores like a lot of foundations do. I still use it to this day!

So shimmery😍

I love this product! It gives my cheek a dewy and shiny finish without it looking oily. Adds a nice sparkle to holiday makeup looks! I use this product on special occasions just because I normally wear natural makeup. This is a great product and will add contrast and definition to your cheekbones. Try it out(:

No thank you!

My lashes were left clump together. I only applied 2 coats and they clumped up by the first coat. I have fine lashes but this mascara made them look even finer. Too clumpy! I would not recommend this!

I love this so much!

It's a miracle worker, quick fix for under eye circles! Be careful not to put too much, only a thin layer! It gets clumpy and oily! Other than that I would highly recommend this product. I use it daily(: