Beauty Product Reviews

Not what i expected

I don't like it I think the cream is the best of the bunch. I think Japanese cherry blossom smell a lot better personally. I wouldn't recommend this simply due to texture of this one I found it too watery. Not much of a smell in my opinion.

I absolutely love this brand of nail polish

It goes on so clear and it doesn't clump. It lasted me 2 weeks and up when I painted my toenails with this brand. It was worth the price tag if I had my way I would have every colour/set!!! I had my toenails painted royal blue to go with my dress.

I couldn't live without it!

I have rough skin on my elbows ,knees, ankles I used Vaseline everyday for 6 months the issue was so much softer. I thought nothing would get rid of my dry skin. This stuff makes miracles happen! I especially use it in the winter on my lips and elbows. It is very cheap anyone can purchase it.

Not that good

I didn't like how it tasted and how it clamped and didn't go on as smoothly as other chap sticks I had purchased in the past. I didn't even have them for last I kept losing them too.

Gotta have it

This is a great primer. I used a tiny of amount at time. This primer lasted me a really long time. I love how it goes on so smooth. It lasts a really long time when ever I wear it.

They are so cheap

I love the smells and tastes. I love how they don't clump. I love the colour it adds to my lips every time I use them. They are cheap and still great quality. I can even carry them with me even I am not using a purse.

I don't like it

I found this made sort of of watery and chipped the next day. It is not the cheapest either it is like $10 for a bottle I can go to sears and get three for $10!I think they don't put it in a big enough bottle but I like the shades though.

I adore this stuff

It is a must have in the winter. It moisturizes my lips so well. I don't mind the smell of it much better than the medicated lip products. It is very thick and lasts a few hours so it is a must have for the colder months. I found it better than the lip balms at the body shop it is not just for beauty it actually does what it is supposed.


I used this once in my life and it stuck to my hair but do not remove it at all. It was a compete waste of money honestly. I would much rather pay the money and get a professional to do the job for me.I also found it took forever to dry.I even trimmed the hair beforehand still didn't make a difference.

Great for sensitive skin

I have sensitive skin when it comes to hair removal products but this product never burnt my face like other products I owned did. It is affordable and lasts a very long time. It is thick so you don't have apply a lot at once. The ingredients aren't harsh either.

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