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Review for "Blush" shade.

The "Blush" shade of this product, overall, wasn't the best. It didn't have much of a color, didn't plump up my lips, and just wasn't that good. The smell also, kind of, reminded me of something I would smell at the dentist, or doctor's office. At least, it was cheap, so it wasn't a total loss. Definitely not my go-to choice. If you're looking for a lip plumper that really plumps up your lips, I suggest "Sexy Mother Pucker" by Soap and Glory.

I find this mascara amazing! It gives your lashes a full, nearly-false look. I love using it, even on days where I'm keeping my makeup simple. I would highly recommend this product!

Love it!

I use this every day, it's amazing! It comes with 3 tutorial cards for different looks, my personal favourite is the "Supermodel Sculpt." I would highly recommend this product! I'm a huge fan of Too Faced, since they do not test on animals. I plan to continue buying their products. Five stars!

I love it!

This palette is amazing. You can combine so many of the colours to create looks for either night or day. I love the shimmering, metallic gold creme shadows and the light, highlighting matte shadows.


This was just the shade of pink I was looking for! And the best part is that it's long-lasting and has a glossy look, even though it doesn't feel like a gloss. I definitely plan on buying more after this one runs out!

I never tried bronzer before this, but I'm glad I tried this one. It makes you glow and looks so natural on your skin. The best part is that it works with any skin tone. Gilded is such a beautiful tone, it has visible veins of gold baked within it that provides a nice, subtle sparkle to your skin when you apply it. I would highly recommend it!

Perfect for plumping your lips! You can actually feel it tingling as it happens. However, it is a bit sticky. I have the shade called, "Yummy Plum." It's a gorgeous colour that gives a high-tensity gloss to the lips.

I was never one for Chapstick, I just didn't like the waxy feel and odd smell. I love this, however. It's soft, moisturizes your lips very well, and has a great smell as a bonus. It's perfect for winter when your lips are getting chapped from the cold, dry air.

Love it!

I love this perfume. It's not too strong, just sweet and subtle. It smells great, and is perfect for any occasion. This is one of my favourite perfumes, I absolutely adore it.

Love these!

These are perfect, dramatic lashes. If you are going for the stunning model eyes, these are perfect; or, even if you're going out for a night on the town. They also stay on longer than the others, I find. I would highly reccomend!

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