Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss


Beck H.
Like it.

I like this but I think only surgery can make your lips a lot bigger. Ask Angelina. Anyways, I like the smell and the color. But I'm not going to pay that much money for a lip gloss just for the color. Luckily I don't have thin lips. (Which isn't ugly btw) I think all lip types are pretty. I mean look at Benedict Cumberbatch;)

Lexa D.

Perfect for plumping your lips! You can actually feel it tingling as it happens. However, it is a bit sticky. I have the shade called, "Yummy Plum." It's a gorgeous colour that gives a high-tensity gloss to the lips.

Ailynn A.
Sexy Lips!

Another great product from Soap and glory! I love this cos it does the job and has that yummy chocolately smell... makes me want to eat it. :) Its a bit pricey for high street product.. but most of the time it's on sale in Boots, which is nice! I don't mind that weird 'tingling' feeling when you first put it on.. it only means it's plumping your sexy lips to perfection... although it can be too sticky and my hair tends to stick to it.. other than that.. its an amazing product!

Eilla S.
My favorite

I got mine while I was in living in Europe and I still have 1 tube left. I remember how cheap this was but ever since Sephora starts selling, the price is outrageous for a high street product back home. The color I have is Half Naked and I actually have the older version. This is super glossy and very tacky so this has amazing lasting power but it also means I can only wear this with my hair up. The color is sheer and nude and it looks perfect on my lips. It does moisturize my lips when it is dry and slightly chapped. For the plumping claim, I say it does not plump up BUT it gives the illusion of plumper lips. It fills the lines and makes my lips look super smooth and big. This effect will only come to play once you drink water or splash some water after you applied. It does not burn but it does feels tingling as if your blood is rushing up to your lips. The only fool proof way to plump your lips is plastic surgery but you can have a temporary plumping with sucking on a popsicle. Repurchase? Yes but only on Ebay cause it is just too expensive for a high street product.

Georginaa M.

When i first bought it i was hesitant if it would really plump up my lips, but as soon as i put it on it's magic tingle sensation started to work!! It tingles you lips and you can't help but pucker up - the only thing i would say though is that it's not for everyone, it could get very annoying and even irritating to your lips and it's also very gloopy and sticky but personally i love it!!! x

Barbara S.

Bought this when Soap and Glory was sold at Target. Disappointed I cannot buy at Target anymore, but still have a little left in my tube. I prefer less color in my lip plumpers. This was perfect for the office and the weekends.

Miranda M.

While I love this gloss, and was excited to see it back on the market, I was dissappointed in the "new" colors and flavors. I loved this gloss when it was sold in Target a few years ago. I bought nude and it was the PERFECT shade. I was excited to find it on Sephora's website, but they no longer made Nude, it was half naked. SO I bought it and was dissappointed in the color change and the fact that it smells like buttered popcorn :/ It is however still a great plumping gloss. The only plumping gloss that has ever worked for me. And as mentioned in a previous comment, very good for dry lips.

FaFire S.
Very moiturizing!

I have Yummy Plum and Half Naked. I love it because I have very dry lips, and these lip plumpers can really help. I really like the color of Half Naked, if apply concealer lightly on the lips before applying the lip plumpers, you'll get very beautiful nudy shade. Recommend!

shandy e.
Plumps Lips!

I'm somewhat obsessed with lip plumpers - or at least with products which claim to plum the lips. - so naturally, I saw this and had to have it. I bought the clear gloss - and it certainly does taste like chocolate. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate but it wasn't bad and reminded me of a flavored lip gloss I had when I was a teenager. Anyway, the instructions on the package tell you to press your lips together after applying and indeed, it does produce a slight tingle and temporary plumping effect. Of all the drugstore lip plumpers I have tried, this one was the best. The only complaint I have is that I ran out of this gloss pretty quickly, as there doesn't seem to be very much inside the tube. Still...not bad for ten bucks.

Ashley K.
Very good!

This gives you great plumped up lips for a few hours. I like that you can really feel the sting of it working. Ive used many other and Id say for being on the lower end of prices this works great! It can become thick and tacky if you apply to much so use it sparingly.

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