Beauty Product Reviews

The texture of the serum is very pleasant: light-creamy, but not so dense as the texture of the usual cream, and fluid at the same time. The smell made me also glad. It has tones of lemongrass – I think, it also plays a role of feeling the refreshment. At first there were no instant results other than my skin was smooth and silky like baby skin. I liked it very much. I could touch my face and meanwhile feel softness and beauty of my skin. So I kept using this serum. After 2 weeks I realized that my skin ton is better, pores look smaller, texture of skin is softer. After 2 weeks more the result was fastened. The skin was more elastic and shiny. Of course pores were still somewhat big, but total condition of skin was definitely better than before. This product is a part of my everyday skin care routine. It is quickly absorbed, so I can apply my bb cream soon after.

My colour of balm is Pink Blossom. In tube it looks rich and very bright! The smell is sweet like lollipop and very pleasant. The texture of the balm is so soft, it has in composition Shea Butter, which is a valuable, nourishing addition to moisturizers for the reduction of wrinkles and to improve the elasticity of the skin and protect it against environmental aging. By applying the balm I feel how my lips start to get moistened. They look more healthy and attractive. I apply a thin layer on lips, because I like to add a light colour to lips. But applying 2-3 layers will make lips more rich. To sum it up, I can say, that the lip balm solves my 2 problems very well: it gives moistening and colour. This lip balm is 100% natural, it has beeswax and shea butter inside. It doesn’t make lips sticky – it makes shiny. It is worth to try it!

I use this BB cream in VIP edition, which has such ingredient as caviar. This product helps to tone and smooth the skin very well. It doesn’t make the face too white. It has such ingredient as Aloe Vera, so presents non-oily smooth skin tone. For me it is big plus – my face doesn’t stay sticky during the day, the cream absorbed fast. The problem of sebum production this cream solves great. Unfortunately, pores stay half-visible. UV protection works very good. About wrinkle improvement I can’t say anything exactly, ’cause my skin is young, but small wrinkles which I had on my forehead, during the using this cream, are still at the same place. Radiance of my skin I didn’t notice. So, the advantages of BB cream are: non-oily smooth matt skin tone, good absorption, less visibility of pores, UV protecting. But I didn’t notice, that it made my skin more resilient and radiant.