Super Plus BB Cream Triple Functions

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Stephanie H.
A Must Have in any beauty collection!
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I have been using this Skin79 Triple Functions BB Cream most of this year. Never once when I use it am I disappointed. It gives more coverage then a Tinted Moisturizer but less then a Foundation. It does not feel heavy or cakey. The finish is slightly dewy and fresh. The packaging I love. I instantly know it is the Skin79 BB Cream because of the great packaging. It is bright pink and includes a pump. Total wear time is great about 6-8 hours depending on what I am doing. It comes in a variety of sizes. The minis to try out, Travel size, and Full size. Hands down my favorite BB cream!!

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Noemi V.
Never turning back~

I have been using this product for the past 4 years going strong for 5. I am positive that I will never go back to actual foundation ever!

I have oily skin, mainly on my T-zone and acne prone skin. This does not cause more breakouts but quite the opposite. My skin stays matted somehow without powders.

If you have DRY skin, this BB cream provides the perfect amount of moisture. You will stay hydrated throughout.

I have recommended this BB cream to everyone I know regardless of skin types. There isn't really a specific tone as others; which is great because that proves what a BB CREAM is supposed to be!

A pump or even a half pump is sufficient for your face! Apply in dots all over and then blend (I used my clean hands). Do not over use it because it will make you look extremely cakey.

Do not FREAK out when you see you are pale as a ghost, give it a second for it to BLEND to your skin tone.

You can build it for more coverage, set it with powder, or leave it as is for a dewy look.

Mary G.
I literally use this stuff everyday

I have really pale, dry skin and a lot of skin products don't come light enough. Lucky for me, this fits my skin perfectly and I usually can skip the moisturizer without looking pasty. I'd definitely recommend ?

Melanie V.
Love it

Great for my skin type. I use this when I am very oily, for example in the summer time. It actually heals my skin so I alternate it with the Gold VIP and Vital Orange Skin79 BB creams

Katie L.
My absolute fave in my make-up kit!

I use the VIP Gold version of this product almost everyday.

If I'm not looking to wear make-up on a particular day, I just wear this. It has everything you could ask for. It's light and easy to apply. It's got sun protection and staying power.

I bought my first bottle over a year ago from a "Face Shop" a couple towns over, but when I needed a new one, I found shop on eBay that sends you two for the price of one and was so ecstatic to receive it and see it was the genuine article.

I have acne prone skin so I always worry about products potentially making it worse, but my skin has actually improved with this product being added into my routine.

It retails in the Face Shop for about $23 canadian and I can't stress how much I love it.

Sakina B.
It's le original!

Come on, it's Korean BB cream, what do expect? Perfection? Well, almost! I've used this for 5 months. Admittedly I don't wear it everyday, but when I do it is smooth, matches my skin color, doesn't dry or cake or crack or melt. It doesn't give great coverage like another BB I've tried, but oh the difference when I remove Skin79, it's like whoa, my complexion is terrible! So yeah, it does give you good coverage, just don't expect foundation like coverage.

I'm using Clinique for my acne prone skin as well so I won't link any clear skin to the BB cream. I would definitely recommend it though! I've never heard of different shades so sorry if you're not fair or light tan~

Colleen K.

i been using this for about 3 months and seen results within 3 weeks. i have sensitive skin and acne pron skin but this made my skin clearer and even helped with the redness in my face

Kao Yee V.

I actually used this bottle last year and was very impresses with the result. My face became clear and free of acne. Although the smell was not what I expected. I still used it anyways because it was not a heavy wear and has great coverage. Highly recommended for first timer to try out before using any other bb cream. Why? Because this bottle is awesome and you will love the result. Try this bottle first because you would need to see how it works on your skin first.

Mandi P.
My Must-Have BB Cream<3

i have been usin' this for about 2 months, i abouselty love this. it is tab little light for me but i mix with my face power & it's prefect. i gives me a dewy finish looker, great medium coverage<3 i do have oily skin & acne-prone, & i have no problems with breaking out.

Stacey MakeUp D.
Moisturizing and light foundation!

I love this product so much! It has a light to medium coverage I'd say... It needs up to 20-25 min to set up completely :) It is great for dry skin also, it will not make your skin feel and look drier but make sure you have exfoliated your skin, to not get flaky looking face :) When you need light coverage and wanna even you skin, this is the right choice!!!