Estée Lauder

'Idealist' Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher


Margarita R.

The texture of the serum is very pleasant: light-creamy, but not so dense as the texture of the usual cream, and fluid at the same time. The smell made me also glad. It has tones of lemongrass – I think, it also plays a role of feeling the refreshment. At first there were no instant results other than my skin was smooth and silky like baby skin. I liked it very much. I could touch my face and meanwhile feel softness and beauty of my skin. So I kept using this serum. After 2 weeks I realized that my skin ton is better, pores look smaller, texture of skin is softer. After 2 weeks more the result was fastened. The skin was more elastic and shiny. Of course pores were still somewhat big, but total condition of skin was definitely better than before. This product is a part of my everyday skin care routine. It is quickly absorbed, so I can apply my bb cream soon after.

Regina G.
Absolutely fantastic!

I bought this on a whim a few weeks ago, and boy am I glad I did! This stuff is absolutely amazing. I wasn't expecting to see a big difference right away. Usually it takes some time for things to really work. But not this stuff. This stuff made my skin look immediately amazing.

In it's natural state, my skin is very dry and rather red. Idealist makes it soft and smooth and the redness vanishes, leaving me with a perfect, glowing complexion. Seriously. Glowing.

It's definitely more expensive than my usual drugstore finds, but it's also FAR more effective. Idealist has earned itself a permanent home on my vanity.

Sammi W. Team
skincare is key

Nothing is more important than skincare, IMHO, because your skin is the base for all makeup/ what you want to reveal!! This did add some moisture to my skin and helped my pores -- but I don't know if this is the best out there.... still searching but I'd recommend this as a great not-too-pricey start off in one's skincare routine if they're not sure where to start

Leonora W.
More of redness maximizer

I love Estée Lauder and I hate to say anything bad about their product but there was one I had horrifying results. I still remember, it was the substance in that little pretty aqua color bottle that left redness and swelling. I usually have large pores around the nose area. I usually use a mask to make the pores smaller but I wanted to use something else. I got a free Estée Lauder makeup case when I bought Clinique body lotion and there was a sample of this product. So I used it the night before I went to school, and I woke up to swollen, red, itchy skin on my face. I wanted to cry. So ladies, be very careful on using anything new on your body because it might not work as well as you wanted it to.

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