Beauty Product Reviews


I love this concealer. It doesnt cake under my eyes, and it is easily applied. I just dont like the packaging as i like to use my finger to apply my concealer so it warms up, and i dont like sticking my fingers in the pot itself. However, i think the quality balances out the packaging. I use this every day to minimize the blue circles under my eyes. I dont have extreme bags, but it definitely helps erase them.

My favorite!

This blush is so beautiful and natural looking. It has flecks of gold that highlight with a soft pink that goes on beautifully. I highly recommend this blush for someone who doesnt wear a lot of face makeup as it is very natural, but could be more dramatic depending on how much you apply.

This is my favorite powder to use. I have tried almost all of the drugstore brands and I have never found a shade or coverage that I was in love with. I don't use it as a full coverage because my skin is decent and I don't really need it. All of my friends try to steal this powder from me, and I freak out. I even had to hide it from them because they kept using it! My only complaint would of course be the price. It's so much money but since I don't use that much of the product it does last me a fairly long time before its gone.

This is one of my favorite products that I own. It is so easy to carry around, the packaging is adorable, and all of the colors are gorgeous. All the shadows are super soft and easy to blend. My only complaint would be that it only contains 2 matte shadows, and I feel like "Naked" colors would include more matte, and especially since theres a black color included in this palette, I think it would have been more practical to include a matte black instead of a shimmery one.

This does mattify the face however I do feel like it sometimes makes my face have a white powder tint to it. But I really do like this product as a quick way to fix shine on my T zone. It doesn't last as long as I would hope it would, so this is a product I definitely carry with me in my purse when I go out. I actually prefer the liquid/gel version of this product more than the powder.