Benefit Cosmetics

"Hello Flawless!" SPF 15


Mathilde M.

Best powder there is on the marked. It's so underrated. I simply adore it. The coverage is great, and it can be used over foundation or on your bare skin. Looks great eigther way. Builds up nicely, and it does not look like you have powder on.

Sarah N.
Use it everyday!!!

I have been using this powder a lot lately and it is really good! I apply it after I do my fondation and concealer. You could use the powder by itself as a fondation but, that would most likely be for someone who doesn't have lots of acne, pimples, etc. If you need that full coverage, this wouldn't be a best thing to ise for acne prone skin. If you do need the coverage, use the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Fondation. However, this powder is great and a smart purchase!

Erin S.
Not so much

I was sooooo excited to get this powder, the coverage of it is great, but this darn powder is orangeee!!!!! wtf benefit always makes there darker colors orange, and it annoys me so bad!!! i put this on my whole face one day and stepped out the house like an oompa loompa!!! it was very embarassing, i dont recomend this powder, or any other foundaition/concealer product from benefit if your a darker complexion, you will just look orange

Miranda G.
Love it

Love how it leaves my skin looking natural and not caked :) and since it's a sun screen as well it makes it even more perfect :) love this product :)

Brooke R.

I use this with the 15-hour primer, and I am pleased with the results of how it looks and feels. But it is rather costly seeing I've had this a little over a month and am almost out of both. Which is shocking to me because I don't wear a lot of face-makeup in ratio to eye makeup. Very bittersweet.

Halle C.
Not worth the money $$

It's a beautiful powder but it doesn't last long! I think I hit pan in this after a weeks use so I turned back to my rimmel stay matte which is super cheap and lasts a long time! If you have the money to buy this powder go for it but if you don't go to the drugstore they have many options that are just as good!

Jasmine T.
Only if you love light coverage!

I love how it glides so smoothly on my skin because I've tried many other brands but they end up blotchy after awhile. However, its really light coverage so this is more for a touch-up powder or days I would go with an au naturel look. :) xx

Amanda Y.

Upon reading the product description and rave reviews, I thought this would be the perfect foundation for me. For some reason, this powder foundation did not work with my very oily skin! It pooled around my pores and looked gross after a couple of hours :( Coverage was ok, but not completely full. Did not repurchase!

Maryann K.

I got this as a sample and the sample alone lasted me a week. It matched my skintone perfectly and was really great coverage for a powder, I used it to set my foundation. It left my face feeling soft and matte all day.

Liz S.

I brought this along with the Hello Flawless Foundation and was more than impressed. I love (as with all Benefit products) the cute and stylish packaging, and that you receive not only a brush but a sponge to help achieve that flawless finish. This helps to not only set my foundation but create a matte finish on my otherwise oily complexion.