Benefit Cosmetics

"Hello Flawless!" SPF 15


Rachel G.
My daily powder for 2+ years

I love this's light and covers up every flaw. I use this over Mac or Makeup Forever HD foundation and my skin is literally....flawless. I get so many compliments on my skin!

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Angel C.
Best Powder out there for the cost.

I'm a Benefit Cosmetic junkie, and this powder has to be one of my favorite products by them. The name says it all: "Hello, Flawless!" because when you use this, you'll be looking practically flawless.

The powder itself has a silk like texture and goes on smooth. No chalkiness or cracking will happen here like with other powders that usually dry out and crack in the case.

In the case when you flip up the powder, there will be two different applicators. One applicator is a sponge to use for what they call "spot/blemish coverage" and the brush applicator for "a sheer finish". I personally prefer to use the sponge for more coverage.n You literally only have to dot the powder on with the sponge for it to cover blemishes effortlessly. You barely need to use any concealer with this powder. The flat brush that comes with it is soft and helps lay powder on the face in a sheer texture. I use this for when I've finished my spot coverage and want an even texture all over.

This powder is simply amazing hands down! I pair it with Posie Tint and High Beam on top for a fresh and awakened look. You can't go wrong with this powder.

(Sorry for the long review, but every word had to be spoken) <3

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Abbie  N.
quick on-the-go fix

I use this everyday without fail. I just apply this without any foundation and I'm ready to go. I have clear skin, but on the days when I have a breakout this product gives it coverage. The packaging is fun and quirky and I take it out to wherever I go. What will I do without it?

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Nadia Y.
You can customize the coverage!

This was a default powder because I couldn't afford to spend the $$$ on my favorite Armani Pressed Powder. I'm very picky with powders and foundations so I was hesitant..but I figured if it sucked I could return it.

The "Hello Flawless" is pretty dang good. The quality of the powder is super fine which goes on smooth. It comes with a mini brush and a sponge so you can choose how much coverage you want. I've only used it so far as a finishing powder to keep my skin looking natural.

I use it with the "That Gal" Primer and it works great together. You look FAB in natural sunlight! I have to say wearing primers, concealers, foundations, and powders looks great indoors but once you step outside you look like a freakshow!

I think if they changed the packaging a little people would believe that it actually is a great product that works.. I can see from the reviews below all of us were skeptical at first.

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Mandy S.
The best coverage I could ask for
Photo of product included with review by Mandy S.

I use a shade that is just a tad darker than my skin tone to give a flawless coverage as well as a bronzy glow. By using the sponge instead of the brush, every blemish or uneven patch is covered. This powder doesn't cake on, is totally breathable, and looks completely natural. I doubt I'll find a powder better than this!

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Nicki N.
Yay for SPF and mattifying!

I don't use this as a foundation, I use it more as a setting powder. I like how natural this looks when used with a large fluffy brush and how it just makes me look perfectly matte and totally real. I have combination skin and you would never guess that I get oily when I sweep this over my skin. It looks flawless with such a light dusting. I go over my undereye circles lightly as well (I need Powderflage or the Laura Mercier one) and it does a fine job of evening my skintone there to match the rest of my face.

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Keri W.

This is one of the few foundation that matches my yellow skin tone is somewhat weird ...if the foundation is too dark I look orange ..if it is too light I look like a white sheet... I am kinda olive tone . This matches me perfectly . I use a brush for a natural look or I use the sponge for full coverage. For a glam look I use a primer also form this brand ( I also use Monistat gel ..yup the one for chaffing ) followed by Benefit cream to powder and then Hello Flawless...with a kabuki brush .

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Penny X.

This product is probably one of the best powders I have tried. I have it in Petal and its too light for me now, but in the winter when my skin was lighter it gave medium coverage and stayed on all day with a primer. If I'm looking for more coverage, I use this to set my foundation. And now since it's too light for me, I use it for highlighting.

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Alexa D.

This product does cover well, but its sort of like an addicting drug! It actually caused acne in my T-zone on my face, especially in between my eyebrows. The more i put on to cover the acne, the more i broke out because of the heavy makeup. I can feel it clogging my pores, and suffocating my skin. Some of my friends wear it now, and it looks caky and if not blended perfectly, won;t absorb into your skin, but looks tie-dye!

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Mathilde M.

Best powder there is on the marked. It's so underrated. I simply adore it. The coverage is great, and it can be used over foundation or on your bare skin. Looks great eigther way. Builds up nicely, and it does not look like you have powder on.