Beauty Product Reviews

Love it but I use t different than most!

The very first day I bought this product I had to use it. When I got home and tried it, it wouldn't lather and the piece I had was rather hard. I scraped off a piece and smushed it into a paste. And it worked amazingly. It then became a cleanser/ scrub. Try it that way, I think it might work out better if you are having issues with it not lathering. :-) I swear by this stuff.

It is O.K.

I love tresemme products. I use there shampoo and there dry shampoo is amazing. I heard all kinds of amazing things about this product so I decided to pick it up and give it a try. The first time I used it I didn't see any difference. I tried it for about 2 weeks...and only saw a slight difference. So maybe it is just my hair type but i thought it was just ok. I like the sebastian trilliant spray better.

theres good and bad with this one

Plus's they have a lot of color choices and you get the crackle affect with one coat. However, with one coat youll get a less intense color but applying more coats it gets clumpy and thick. I would purchase it if your interested, but get it from somewhere like Ulta that will let you return it if you dont like it.

umm...totally in love

The naked palette is awesome. I am not a neutral eye kind of person. But I bought this palette on the simple fact I wanted to add a little bit more neutrals to my collection. I have been wearing these colors almost everyday. They have all different kinds of finishes and wide variety of shades. I am obsessed with the naked palette. This is the best palette urban decay has made. Although I do love my Alice in Wonderland palette as well. lol


I really love this stuff.....It keep my lips mosturized all day and the packaging is cute and convienent. Totally love. Oh and they smell amazing. Its easy to just slide in your purse and pop out whenever you need it. And it is very good for you with a lot of bad ingredients taken out so its smooth and natural.