Fresh Farmacy Cleanser


Breelyn H.

I have somewhat sensitive/combination skin so this product was what my skin was wanting! It's very easy to apply to your skin and washes all the way off so you don't have to keep scrubbing. It's also very gentle and I would recommend this to anybody!

Isabella N.

This soap won't foam up easily so you have to work it a bit. I found it easier to just wet my face and rub the soap directly on my cheeks. It makes my skin feel tighter too. Otherwise it does it's job. It cleanses my face nicely from make up and dirt and I haven't had any big breakouts since I began using it.

Kristen T.
Very Drying!

I have naturally oily skin, but even with using a moisturizer, this was extremely drying to my skin and did some serious long-lasting damage combined with a few other of Lush's products. I definitely would not recommend it. Maybe I just had a weird reaction, though.

Taylor K.

This soap is perfection! I use it on my skin in the morning when I see it starting to act up a little bit; it instantly calms it and I've noticed that emerging blemishes just seem to go away. I alternate this with Aqua Marina, which is more moisturizing. When I need a little extra cleansing, I use Fresh Farmacy. I repurchase this constantly because it is an absolute godsend. Would recommend this to anyone!

Allanie Y.

fresh farmacy is the first lush cleanser i've tried. it is gentle and calming and i really like the way it smells. i usually slice up the bar that i purchase into smaller pieces as i find it easier to use. consistency is nice and creamy. [this isn't meant to lather up with foam or anything so don't expect it to.]

i quickly run the bar under water and rub into the palm of my hands. if i'm lazy i just rub the wet bar onto my [damp] face. afterwards i gently massage all over and rinse off. skin is calm and smooth. i alternate this with Angels On Bare Skin and i have really noticed a difference in my skintone and texture. acne has been diminished and the bad spots are healing and scars are fading.

be sure to allow soap to dry in a dish or lush tin. can get mushy if left in water. highly recommend for problematic skin with issues like acne and redness.

Grace M.
I love this vegan soap, so cleansing

Smells great, super cleansing!! It doesn't have a thick goopy lather, but that is a plus considering lather comes from Sodium laureth sulfate which is harsh and drying on the skin...I love that this bar of soap lasts long. To get the most of this, keep it in a cool area when not in use. Its lavender sent is super calming, and has just enough granules to gently (very gently) cleanse the skin...removes eye makeup without irritation, you can practically open your eyes without feeling that shampoo tingling burning blinding death sensation...great for troubled oily skin. You can buy as little or as much as you desire depending on your budget. I usually get $10.00 at a time, and it lasts for 3 months, as I store it properly.

Dianna M.
I actually saw a difference!

So, this past summer I have been stressed and it most certainly took a toll on my skin! I'm talking severely took a toll on my skin! Now, I've always known about LUSH and loved their products but never thought to use their skin care items until a friend assured me that her skin cleared up using them so I decided to stop by and try them out. I went into my local LUSH store, asked questions, and they provided me with this heaven of a gem! Being the cautionary gal that I am I asked for samples before actually purchasing anything (If you ask they WILL allow you samples of their products!). After about 3 days I actually noticed my problem areas diminishing! I love this product and the best part, you actually know what is in the soap! Nothing but the purest of ingredients! Fresh Farmacy: forever a holy grail product!

Lauren H.

I swear by this. I use it in the morning and at night before bed, and my face has made a DRAMATIC improvement in acne and more importantly it's been balancing the red tones out of my face. I don't know what I would do without this cleanser, no other ones have worked for my sensitive skin.

*It doesn't lather up very well, but I prefer that. You can tell it's doing it's job, who cares about bubbles on your face.

Victoria N.

love it. i use it daily now and it makes my skin clear and bright. is doesn't make your skin dry and it balances out your skin tone really well.

Kristen D.
Love it but I use t different than most!

The very first day I bought this product I had to use it. When I got home and tried it, it wouldn't lather and the piece I had was rather hard. I scraped off a piece and smushed it into a paste. And it worked amazingly. It then became a cleanser/ scrub. Try it that way, I think it might work out better if you are having issues with it not lathering. :-) I swear by this stuff.

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