Beauty Product Reviews

It's okay.

I feel like I'm the only person who only thinks this mascara is okay, and not great. After everyone raving about this mascara I knew I had to have it, so when I finally got it and used it I was so disappointed. I usually like a very full lash look, and this mascara just didn't give me that. Instead it just made all my lashes stick together and look kind if clumpy. I had to use a another brush to separate my lashes. Don't get me wrong, it does make the lashes look very long but it just didn't give me that look that I was expecting.


I swear by this concealer! I use it everyday alongside benefits boi-ing if I'm having a really spotty day. However out of the two this is my definite favourite. I picked it up in a drugstore for about £4 and honestly wasn't expecting that much from it because it was so cheap, but I was wrong. This concealer never looks cakey and hides blemishes perfectly, it's also my favourite concealer for hiding dark circles under eyes. Best concealer ever, would recommend!

One of my favourite concealers:)

I really like this product and use it everyday:) I have quite a few spots and blemishes and this is great in covering them. It's so thick, which I like, however some times it can look a bit cakey, but it's easily blended:) I've had two of these concealers, firstly I had number 04 which was way too orange/dark for me so I then got 02 which is the perfect colour for me! I would definitely recommend this product!


Really don't like this product. I was so disappointed because I usually love all things benefit, but this is awful. I have quite a few spots and this stuff did not cover them at all, all it did was leave my face looking cakey and shiny! Plus it smells really weird, I have no idea how to describe the smell. The sponge it came with somehow managed to rip in half while I was using it so I had to use my own.

I love this product!

Great product! I use it everyday and it sets my makeup great, it's also so cheap! If I'm looking a bit orange or darker than my normal skin tone due to foundation, this powder evens it out and makes it a lot less noticeable. However, as I have very oily skin, it doesn't keep my skin shine free for that long, so I have to apply more an extra 1 to 2 times a day. Because of this it runs out so quickly! I think I've bought about 4 in the past couple of months. Overall a great product!:)