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I tried...

I got this as a sample when I go my Inglot palette, but I didn't try it for a few months before I used it. Maybe the yogurt went past its expiration date? First off, the smell is SO bad! I love the smell of Greek Yogurt alone, but I don't know what happened with this product. Second, after hastily trying to remove the product because of the smell, my face started to burn and looked a bit red. My skin is not sensitive at all, so this happening is not common with me at all. I tried so hard to like this, but after about 30 minutes, my efforts ended.

This product is amazing.

I love this beautiful pencil. It blends out so easily and, for my lip color, is the perfect "your lips but better" shade. It enhances my lips without too too much color. It comes with the convenient sharpener with a little pick for getting stuck shavings out of the sharpener. I love this.

I love this product.

I just recently got this and I already love it! The shade is a perfect whole eye highlight; I like to put it under my brow bone, on the center of my lid, and on my bottom and top lash lines, concentrated on the corner. It comes with a convenient sharpener and a smudger, which makes this a quick and easy to use.

I really like this!

I had only wanted one of the Rainbow Eyeshadows, but I only wanted the one. I didn't want a larger palette and an applicator and a mirror in one. I keep this in my purse for travel and touch-ups.

Great sharpener!

This is a really cool sharpener. It has a three size hole thingy, even though there are only two. The larger one has a little sizer ring on the inside. Along with that, it has a little pick you can use to remove stuck cosmetic pencil shards. I unfortunately lost the little pick in the car because it fell out. Another great thing with this is that it sharpens not only wood pencils, but also plastic, which means I can sharpen my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil without a worry. This is a great sharpener.


I have a friend who wears a bright pink matte dollar store lipstick to school everyday. It looks so pretty and great, but I didn't want a dollar store one because of quality. So, I went to Target, looking for a bright pink matte lipstick without any carmine or lead in it. I saw this, looked at the ingredients, and immediately fell in love. In the car, I tried it on. It is the perfect color to match the lipstick my friend has, it minty (I absolutely love minty things), it feels great, it is indeed matte, and just overall AMAZING! It is very moisturizing and terrific and all good things. I would recommend this to whomever is looking for something like this.


I got this as a gift and I tried it a few weeks later. I LOVE this color! It works perfectly with my skin tone and feels good. I do have a perma-blush thing, so I normally don't use blush usually, but this helps when I need a pop of color.


I got this as a multi use highlight and eyeshadow. It is easily blendable. I know many people love the color Milk, but I got Cottage Cheese for two reasons: 1: my ULTA doesn't have the shade Milk and 2: I prefer shimmer if I am highlighting my face/eyes. I have glasses, so this helps me brighten up my eye area as dark shadows are cast on my eyes. I love it for a soft, everyday look. It does crease, which annoys me, but it is small enough so that I can keep it in there for touch-ups. I know some people have an issue with sharpening as it is entirely plastic, but I was able to sharpen it with a strong large sharpener. Overall, if you are looking for something good to use for highlighting or a good eyeshadow, I would always recommend it.


This is my home eyelash curler. I think it works fine. It gives a good curl. The main issue I have that I find annoying is that the top piece (the one that touches the top side of your lashes) is so big that I cant get the curler up close enough to the base of my lashes. I find this VERY annoying and when it presses up onto my brow bone, it hurts. This was disappointing. Besides that, I like this eyelash curler.


This works just like a normal eyelash curler, but in a perfect small compact packaging. The back has a little piece that flips down and you squeeze it to curl. It was a little too much money for a travel eyelash curler ($12), but it is still great.

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