Beauty Product Reviews

My go-to dye

I hear a lot of bad things about this product, but honestly I stopped using anything else when I found this product! Stays in my hair wonderfully and the color lasts for me a lot longer than other dyes. it is rather messy, but so worth it.

Love it

This product is my go-to dye. the color is too perfect and beautiful. I get so many compliments! Manic panic is messy, but so worth it. The color stays in my hair really well and I chose this dye over any other red hair dye.

Not like anything else

For the three dollars spent, this product is not the let down. leaves my hair feeling soft and beautiful every time. I recommend this product to anyone who needs or wants a little extra help to their hair. perfect product.


leaves my hair feeling super soft. appealing packaging and comes in a variety! love this product. since I started using it, my hair has been a lot healthier and altogether prettier.