Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo


Abigayle S.
Best shampoo ever!

This is the best shampoo ever, my hair was so soft and smooth and defrizzified after i used this! This brand is great and super healthy for your hair! No shampoo is better! You think herbal essence is great wait till you try this! <3;)

Amelia M.

I love this. But I stopped using because my hair got really dry and oily. But overall I love it. It works and it smells great. :) I would recommend this to anyone!

Bry R.

Mom had some of this and I would use it here and there and when I did I noticed instant results! It smells amazing and after one wash my hair felt and looked better!!

Patrice  C.

Amazing product. has a great smell to it and doesn't dry out your hair at all. love the conditioner as well. no need to even brush your hair to detangle after you use it. definitely repurchase

Celeste B.
A Treat for the Hair!

Argan oil is great for hair, there are so many benefits that come with it! This shampoo gives my hair a soft and silky touch as well as leaving my hair with a lustrous shine, a great smell, and makes my hair stonger. :)

Kelsey S.

leaves my hair feeling super soft. appealing packaging and comes in a variety! love this product. since I started using it, my hair has been a lot healthier and altogether prettier.

Mya Z.

This is my second favorite organix product, you really can't go wrong no matter what your hair type. The smell is a bit strong for me but that is my only issue with this product. Love!

Samantha C.

My mom recommended this to me when I had damaged bleached hair. The shampoo and conditioner worked wonders! I love the scent, too. I would definitely repurchase when it runs out.

Brooke M.

I loveeee this product so much! The shampoo and the conditioner are both amazing. After applying these products to my hair, my hair smells absolutely amazing ALL day! I also noticed a different in the quality of my ends after using this product after a month or so. It really is a great product if your looking for better shine and stronger ends. Highly recommended!

Mary Anne M.
Either Not Enough Argan Oil, or Just Overall Bad Product Line...

I tried the shampoo, conditioner, and Penetrating Oil treatment from this line all at the same time and found that these did not meet my expectations of a product that supposedly contains argan oil (which by the way isn't even very high on the list...). The products from this line smell amazing and are sulfate-free... which sounds great for someone whose hair is dry like mine and could use a shampoo that doesn't contain sulfates and has moisturizing argan oil in it, right?

Fragrance aside, the next thing I noticed about the shampoo is that it didn't really lather. I expected that somewhat, since this did not have sulfates in it, and generally shampoos and soaps that lather greatly have a tendency to be drying. But after using the conditioner from this line and letting my hair air-dry without the oil treatment, I found my hair felt even drier than it did with a cheaper shampoo and conditioner from Dove.

The next time I shampooed and conditioned my hair, I tried the Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil Treatment from the same line to see if this would add moisture, shine, and volume to my towel-dried hair again using about a quarter-sized amount of product. Still dry. Next time I washed my hair again, reapplied more oil. Still not moisturized enough. Eventually I applied a handful of the damn oil to my hair (which at the time I tested these products, was a few inches longer than shoulder length), and it barely felt moisturized at all; the texture still felt limp and dry!

I wanted to love this line but after a bad experience I thought of either trying their Moroccan Argan Oil with Shea line or Anti-Breakage Kertain Oil line, but for now, I'm staying away from Organix products for a little while to let my hair recover, and it has after using Dove Nourishing Oil Care products for about half the price. What a shame that the only good thing I could say about the Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil line is that it smells really good.