3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor


Hasini J.
Goodbye bad hair days!

Firstly, let's start with the most obvious and intoxicating part of this product: THE SMELL! not just this product though: every single one of Aussie's products smells like heaven ^_^ Oh those good old Australians never fail to disappoint :) Actually i think this product was developed in America, but that's beside the point: IT'S GREAT!

This product conditions incredibly in yes - just three minutes! It's absolutely incredible and my hair is probably the most difficult thing to take care in the entire world. i have a full on afro (i am asian though) and it's dried up like a broomstick, but Aussie has restored my faith in good hair days! I love all of their products and, i'm not going to lie, i do sniff this product on occasion....

There's nothing they could improve and i love the product. Please make sure to squeeze the tube and not twist off the cap though because i made that mistake -.-

Definitely a good purchase and at a bargain price!

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Andrea S.
The best drugstore reconstructor on the market !

Anyone out there who bleaches their hair to a pale, silvery blonde like I do knows that it takes A LOT of maintainence to keep it healthy, soft and shiny. Hairdressers advise that the best way to do this is to have deep conditioning treatments to help rebuild the hair structure. But, let's be serious - who can afford to have a costly salon treatment every fortnight ? This product has been a complete lifesaver (or should I say hair-saver) for me ! The instructions say leave it in for three minutes, but I like to leave it for a couple of hours. After washing it out and blow-drying, I find that it really makes a difference ! My hair feels silkier, is more managable and smells fantastic after I use this. Using this every fortnight helps it to keep a glass-like shine. They give you a lot in there for £5 too, I can get 2 treatments from one bottle. I have nothing bad to say about this product - I couldn't live without it !

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Shauna O.

So, most people who know me or have seen my youtube videos know I'm a serial hair-dyer! I recently went from blue to blonde hair and the bleachings caused my hair a good bit of damage. I used this on my bleached hair..OH WOW! My hair felt sooo good after it! It felt smoother and much more manageable. The whole 3 minute thing, IGNORE IT. If you want this to really work into your hair, leave it on as long as you can (I leave it in for at minimum an hour!). Also, a lil tip, wrap your hair up in clingfilm or a shower cap, this will trap all the heat from your head and it helps the treatment to sink in even better! :)

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JoJo B.
Unconditional love for conditioner!

I love this product! I've been using it for many years as like many I dye my hair blonde. I use it about once a fortnight and when I apply it I put a shower cap on then a towel on top and leave it for around half an hour. The towel helps create a little heat and leave heat looked in which makes the product work deeper (Many hairdressers have told me this). It leaves my hair feeling lovely and shiny and the smell is amazing and lingers!

It works even better if you use a clarifying shampoo first which removes all product from your hair and any build up you may have.

The down side is this product is not available in Australia where I am currently living. A friend of mine has sent me over a travel sized bottle which I am using sparingly! Aussie please introduce youself to THE AUSSIES - I would love to be able to buy it here!!!

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Johanna H.

This is probably the worst thing that you could use on your hair ESPECIALLY if you bleach or color your hair. The reason that it leaves your hair "soft and shiny" is because it is made almost entirely of wax. It coats the hair shaft in a thick residue that's really difficult to lift with professional product and so to get results you have to use stronger chemicals to cut through the wax. After long periods of time it can build up and cause issues as simple as split ends and as noticeable as dandruff and even scalp irritation. It's awful.

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Ciara H.
A must have

This is a great conditioner. It smells luxurious and I was happy to pay the little amount of money required! I am prone to oily hair so I usually apply it to the ends and this really helps

Kelsey S.
Not like anything else

For the three dollars spent, this product is not the let down. leaves my hair feeling soft and beautiful every time. I recommend this product to anyone who needs or wants a little extra help to their hair. perfect product.

Charissa T.
Super for curly hair!

I have naturally curly hair and this made it so moisturised! Before I started using this product my hair was very dry and frizzy but after a few washes with this product I had well defined moisturised curls! It smells great too!

Oonagh O.

This saved my hair so much, would be lost without it. Noticed a HUGE difference in my hair in just 2 washes. I bleached my hair 3 times from jet black to blonde and then dyed it pink so you can imagine how dry and damaged my hair was. Not anymore thanks to this little miracle :')

Capi-chris T.
It's Getting Hard to Find this Little Gem...

I've been using 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor for 30 years, no kidding. I've got curly dry hair, and NOTHING i've ever tried has worked for my hair like this product. Believe me, i've tried plenty of different brands! This one has been my consistent miracle. It smells good, it *feels* good, and it doesn't add tangles, like some of them do. I grew major-league confused when Aussie came out with a whole truck-load of new products. I can now use Aussie for smoothing down my frizz and/or smoothing out my curls all the while moisturizing the whole dry lot of 'em. I'm SO glad!! Even so, THIS particular product is by far my favorite.