Beauty Product Reviews


My holy grail eyeshadow palette... I am the type of girl that loves neutrals over bold colors, and this palette is no exception. What's better is that this palette is all matte shadows. A very natural palette that I can easily go from daytime to nighttime with this one palette

OK Product

At first I loved this product. Until I started to notice that I was getting really oily no matter if I used oil blotting sheets or tried setting it with powder. I love the coverage of the foundation... medium to full coverage. So I do not recommend this to those that have oily skin, beucase you will be very shining by the end of the day.

OK Product

I've bent in to the hype of both products, but did not want to buy full sizes of both the Orgasm Blush and the Lunguna Bronzer, but luckily they had the duo in which I got. When I first got the product, I was like, I don't see any difference in bronzing up my face and any flush of color in my face. But after a while, I noticed that the colors are just faint on my skin tone, and is rarely visible. SO for me, this product is just average and was lucky to get the duo instead of getting hte full size.

Wonderful product

Love this product under my eyes after concealer. It is the best product to set that area and is budge proof. For example, I use the Nars conealer in Custard, and right after I put the concealer on, I would immediately set it with the secret brightening powder , and it helps brighten that area.


I should've jumped into this bandwagon a long time ago becuase I have panda eyes to the max, and I have been looking for a concealer to conceal and brighten up my under eye area. I got the color Custard, and OMG it works it magic in an instant. It completely covers the discoloration under my eyes and opens up my eyes so it looks brighter and bigger as well. Totally recommend this to others as well.


MY ULTIMATE SETTING POWDER OF ALL TIME!!! Ever since I got the sample size from one of the Sephora classes, I have been using it ever since... It doesn't take a lot to set the whole face. On top of that, it keeps my face looking flawless throughout the day.


I have been using the veil mineral primer for a while and I have noticed a difference in my makeup routine. I have an oily/normal combo skin, and having this primer on my t-zone helps control the oily mess in that area. Totally recommend... Even my mom started to use this primer