Laura Mercier

Secret Brightening Powder


Dorthy T.
Wonderful product

Love this product under my eyes after concealer. It is the best product to set that area and is budge proof. For example, I use the Nars conealer in Custard, and right after I put the concealer on, I would immediately set it with the secret brightening powder , and it helps brighten that area.

Ricki A.
For Setting

Pricey but fulfills it's job. Use it to set under eye concealer and it feels very nice and smooth. I really loves this product. It makes my make-up for the day feel complete.

Maya K.

Pros: nice silky sheer finish Cons: Leaves a white cast

This used to be the powder I set my concealer with, but after discovering the Ben Nye Banana Powder, I will never purchase this Laura Mercier powder. The banana powder I use now looks so much more natural and better, plus it makes my concealer last way longer. It has a tint to it which is perfect unlike how this powder is white like chalk. This is not a bad product, but it's not the best.