Beauty Product Reviews

This product is amazing! I have never had a problem with it. It does not crease and it definitely makes your eyeshadow more vibrant. Your eyeshadow will stay on all day! I have repurchased it a few times now and I just love it!

This is probably the only OPI nail polish that I actually owned. It works amazing! It does what it claims to do, it cracks. It also dries within seconds making it convenient for people who do not have too much time on their hands. The only down side is that it dried up completely in the bottle a few months after I had purchased it. Not sure if my statement goes for every bottle, but mine definitely had this problem. However, overall, it's great!

When I seriously started getting into makeup, I did not have a variety of colors. I saw on youtube that many gurus were using it. I purchased it from a friend who offered, and it is amazing! The matte shadows are very pigmented. However, the shadows with shimmer tend to be a little sheer. It's still awesome for beginners! I use it ALL the time. All day, every day.

I absolutely love this gel liner. I have been repurchasing it for about 2 years now. Before I discovered this product, I would use your typical eyeliner or liquid eyeliner to create a wing. However, I would see this girls with gorgeous, dark, smooth wings. I remember going on youtube to watch reviews on different liquid eyeliners. Personally, they did not work for me. They would not last and would crack throughout the day. Then I ran into L'Oreals gel liner and fell in love! Very dark, goes on smooth and lasts all day! It does not crack. The brush that comes with it is great too. The brush is a little rough, but it does not bother me. The only part that bugs me is that it does dry out before you are completely finished with the product. Although to get the most out of it, I put a drop or 2 of eyedrops in the container and it comes back to life. At least for that very moment. Overall, it is a great drugstore product.