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Went to sephora to just take a look at night creams since I don't have one and I should since I'm in my mid 20's :))) Got a sample of this moisturizer and it is amazing!! smells super nice and does a Awesome job!!! Wake up in the morning feeling fresh because my skin feels and looks actually really nice. Haven't used a night cream and I would definitely buy this even though it's almost 80.00 bucks lol :))) Awesome go get a sample and try it for yourself!! You will fall in love with it. Feels like whipped cream not greasy at all!! It's just amazing!! Bliss has amazing products!!! Try it girls you wont regret it!!

One of the best mascara's I've used :)

I've had bad luck with mascara's forever and I finally found a mascara that doesn't make my lashes fall flat after I've curled and put it on. It's super black and makes your lashes long!! Beautiful :) Another great mascara is the maybelline volum' Express one by one try these 2 mascara's and you will have a hard time figuring out which one is best!! <3

Love these makeup remover towelettes!!

My go to makeup remover towelettes!! I swear these are awesome!! smells great and takes it all off. Very hydrating feels super nice while taking off your makeup!! I recommend it to anyone, any skin everyone :) Kind of expensive from the original towelettes but hey beauty is pain right... lol but seriously try it!! I still wash my face after I use these but still does it's job!! try it out ladies and hopefully you will love these :)

Super duper great eye makeup remover...

My go to eye makeup remover!!! Removes waterproof mascara, eyeliner anything. I have nothing bad to say except this is theeee best ever!!! I can also tell you that the walmart brand equate is exactly the same as the neutrogena brand!! but less expensive, so I advise those we want the same results and save some money to try the walmart brand!!! I promise it is the same :) My mom and I use the walmart brand because it does the same great job as the neutrogena brand.. I love this product!!! please try it, you wont be disappointed all you need a good cotton square pad that you take your makeup off with and your set! try the CVS cotton square pads to take it off with. Sometimes it has some lint but it should be fine!! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a great makeup remover!! <3

Wish I could have loved this :(

I guess because I live in Hawaii the color just wasn't working for me!! super sad because it really is a silky beautiful powder... I might try the #5 later on, but for now I think I'll just keep looking for a good powder foundation for oily skin.

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Really Nice finish :)

This foundation is really nice it goes on smooth (with using a primer) and it isn't heavy. I set it with mineral powder just to make it look a little better. I don't really care for mac face products such as foundations but this one is really nice and would recommend it to anyone, any skin type.. I have oily skin at the end of the day but it was nice. It wasn't ugly like other foundations would make it. Give it a try and if you don't like it you could exchange or return it :)

Love the colors everyday wear !!!

Love neutral colors!!! :) Finally bought this!!! I just had to buy a second one in case I ran out of the first one I bought. The brush wasn't to great I think, and the girl at the counter said it wasn't great either when you clean it falls right out.