Beauty Product Reviews

Perfect shade of coral!

I love this blush it's my absolute favorite I'm not a fan of pinky blushes so this a perfect shade coral for my extremely pale skin it doesn't look red or orange it gives such a nice bronzy glow in the summer and it gives color to my face in the winter I highly recommend this blush if your not to sure which one to try out first


This does cover really well but it's difficult to apply and if you have sensitive and fair skin I don't buy it. The color was still way to dark and the texture is kind of sticky and other makeups won't blend well with it

Love the polish hate the price

I love this nail polish because the color is fantastic and I always get loads of compliments when I'm wearing it and it does last a while on your nails. The only thing is it was $20?!? Broke my heart:.(

  • C40

Not good coverage,it got oily after a couple of hours, made me break out:P overall I see this product a waste of money even when I tried combining it with my urban decay liquid base it would streak:O if you have sensitive skin don't buy this product trust me


I do not recommend buying this product if you have sensitive skin this caused me to break out and the coverage was not so good plushy skin is not oily and this became shiny only after a couple hours. Plus way to expensive for what it was worth

Love love love

I absolutely love this mascara one I bought this I never wanted to go back to anything again! To really see its true power when you first by it just put gold eyeshadow on your eyes or a purple if you have green eyes and then you will really see its affect

  • 1.0

Love this stuff it's super light on my skin and I don't break out from this makeup ! I have sensitive skin and I was surprised by the results of this makeup but I had faith because it was paraben free and they are vegan products:)