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love it!

Great pricing and pigmentation! It is waterproof, which means its long lasting and doesn't crack. It's under 4$, super cheap if you ask me. I haven't had a hard time like others removing it. I usually use two makeup removing wipes and that does the job. I do it gently and I don't wake up with raccoon eyes lol. Have been using this for almost 2 years now! Wouldn't change a thing about it.

Love it! Great price.

It is a only 1$! It matches my skin and I used it as a base or for when ever I just feel like doing the no make up look. I personally feel it's long lasting and primer makes it better. I use it on a daily basis. I'm about to run out but I will repurchase. :)

I don't know

It hasn't really done much for me, just made my hair like baby powder. I want to like this product but I don't get define curl at all):. Maybe my hair is to dry for this product. I don't know but I'll keep wearing it.


I got this to do a nude lip but it is exactly like my skin color so it looks like I have pale lips. I would use it as a lip primer for other lipsticks but I think by it self I might look crazy but I do like it since it has good pigmentation. It is about 2$ I would definitely buy different shades(:.


this product is cheap and it also last a while but it is also cakey. I use it for my eyelids which are oily and it creases if I don't use eye shadow. It doesn't cover undereye circles but I use it as a primer for my lids. I like it for its price but could be better if it wasn't to cakey.


love it. It is cheap and it is great for taking in your clutch or wallet. I have the water proof one which last all day but it is harder to take off at night. I also have the black glittery one and that one I do have to touch up but I don't mind since I carry it around. (: it is cheap, I love cheap. lol


I love it. It is cheap and it gives me great coverage. I use it to seal my foundation(also rimmel London)and it gives me a matte look. I also use it to blend with my moisturizer to give me a more natural and bb creeam type of look (I just scrape it til I get loose powder and mix it). I have been using it for months and it has worked for me. ?? (:

It gives a natural blush

I like this product since it looks natural when on. I did get it in a light shade and I wish I would had gotten a darker one since I like my blush to pop. The only thing I don't like is that I have to put a lot to get the color to show it might be because it is to light for my complexion idk but it is a good product overall. I bought it at Walmart for about 5$. pretty cheap.

love this

This is the best drug store foundation I have own. It has a matte and lightweight finish that just makes my skin look smooth. It really does control shine and it does last through the day. I would recommend a primer to make it last longer especially if you have long days but if you just wear it by itself it last through your school day. It is about 5$ which is a good price for someone in a budget and the lid is an applicator paddle stick which helps scooping it to the last drop. (: I am a content user of this product and it is my everyday foundation.

great so far

I purchase this product about a month ago and I only use it in the shower when my pores are open. I have noticed a difference in my skin since I used to have an oily forehead especially in the middle of the day. I have minimally oil skin now. My acne has calm down but I haven't clear up completely and my blackheads are much smaller now but still there. Good product if you are willing to spend 17-20$ on your face, I would buy it again if I weren't on a budget. (:

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