Beauty Product Reviews


It keeps my hair healthy, smooth, and less frizzy. My hair is naturally extremely dry, and I add a little bit of this and it is gone! I also mix it with water and use it as a treatment. It does not leave your hair oily at all either! :)

My Ultimate Favorite!

I use this almost everyday! It holds all day, and I need something like that. I usually tease my hair, and it keeps my hair big! Like it says! I also use it if i am curling my hair or any type of style. It smells extremely good as well!


If you straighten your hair everyday, or just want your hair to be smoother and less frizzy, I RECOMMEND THIS. When I used wear my hair straight everyday, I always used this. My natural hair is natural fizzy, dry, and curly. It also reduces drying time if you apply to wet hair!

Great Color, Fades Fast!

I loved the color! It was vibrant and beautiful! One of my favorite shades of purple. It is like the swatch. Like a purple iPod? However, it faded extremely fast. Within' two washes hair was dusty purple pink. I have used other semi permanent colors from different brands, and they have held up more.