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Beauty Product Reviews

This brush set honestly changed my life. I've had this set for several months now and my brows have never worked better. The brow brush works great with powder and cream products and is just the right size for me. Nothing drives me crazier than brow brushes that are too tiny or too large. The comb is lovely and well made, super handy for when I trim my brows. And the spoolie! I can't believe I've never invested in one before. Great for toning down your brows when you accidentally add too much product or getting those pesky hairs in place. It's also handy for fluffing up false lashes.

I quite liked this foundation but there isn't a shade light enough for me! I bought this in the fairest shade (110 Ivory) and unfortunately it still isn't light enough. This foundation lasted all day on my skin (I only re-powdered around my t-zone once after about 6 or 7 hours) and it offers nice, full coverage. One complaint (aside from the shade) is the scent. It has a very strong paint-like smell. And I don't know if this is a pro or con... It doesn't come off! You have to use a cleanser to actually remove it from your skin.

I love the Sephora by OPI collection! Out of the dozens of nail polishes I've used this is my favorite line! I've found that while the polishes have varying consistencies they are all long-lasting, chip-resistant, and wonderfully pigmented . There are so many beautiful shades to choose from too! My absolute favorite nail polish color is Never Enough Shoes :)

This is defiantly quick dry! If I'm in a rush and need a quick coat of color this is my go to polish. (I actually did my nails with this and got in the car in a little under 10 minutes). While there is a wide range of colors, I find the bottle to be an odd shape. The polish also has a really thick consistency. Because of that it usually only requires one coat but I’m just not a fan of thick nail polish.

These are great quality nail polishes for someone on a budget. I've been using Sally Hansen polishes for years and this line is my favorite. There's a great range of colors, they're really pigmented, the polishes aren't too thick or thin and have the potential to last a week or more. One thing I've noticed is the fact that excess polish likes to accumulate around the top, often making them difficult to open. Maybe it's just me though ;)

I absolutely love this cleanser! I have tried dozens of different facial cleansers and washes. This by far is my favorite. What I like so much about this cleanser is that fact that it's super gentle on my sensitive (combination) skin, it has a lovely soft rose/floral scent, it removes all my makeup easily, you only need a pea sized amount (it foams up), and lastly it's lasts an amazingly long time (even when I washed my face every day, sometimes twice). The only real complaint I have is the price tag.

My staple mascara

I was a loyal user of Chanel Inimitable for more than 2 years, but it's just so expensive! I decided to try this out honestly because it's the first thing grabbed. I'm glad I did too! I already have pretty long and semi-thick lashes, though this really gives the extra length and volume I love. My one complaint would be the fact that it clumps up a bit. But it does not flake or smear easily.

All in all this is an excellent mascara for a decent price.


The only other scent I dare to wear is Chanel No. 5. So needless to say I am very picky. And... This scent is absolutely amazing! It's fruity, refreshing, sultry and deep. I purchased the rollerball because it's easy to carry around in my makeup bag, the vial is beautiful, and it's only $18. The only complaint I have is that fact that the scent doesn't last long, at least on my skin. I reapply to my wrists 3+ times a day. But the scent is worth it!