Kat Von D

Sinner Rollerball


Melissa F.

I really love this scent. It's sweet and spicy but not too much. It's a very sexy scent but not too powerful. My mom and I both wear this scent but it (obviously) smells different on both of us. The rollerball is perfect for on the go. My only complaint is that there isn't a matching lotion who can buy separately. I enjoy all of Kat Von D's scents but this one is hands down a new classic that should never go out of style.

Miranda L.
Great smell

Love this smell! I love the sexy to sweet. Very wearable any time! All of her perfumes are really great perfumes. That is hard to come by from one person!

Alexis R.

The only other scent I dare to wear is Chanel No. 5. So needless to say I am very picky. And... This scent is absolutely amazing! It's fruity, refreshing, sultry and deep. I purchased the rollerball because it's easy to carry around in my makeup bag, the vial is beautiful, and it's only $18. The only complaint I have is that fact that the scent doesn't last long, at least on my skin. I reapply to my wrists 3+ times a day. But the scent is worth it!

Nikki Z.

This seriously is one of my favorite scents ever. I have the rollerball right now but when it's gone I will literally buy it in bulk! It smells sooo good. Like a sexy yet fruity smell. It's almost hard to explain...All of her smells are PHENOMENAL( I have them all...)

Nadia N.

This is my fave scent! Its so sexy, sultry and I always loved musky smells. I love how it stays on and I have had people come up and ask me excuse what is the scent your wearing it smells so good!

Courtney C.

kat von d's scents are my favorites ever! i own them all - sinner, saint, and adora. I rotate them out depending on how I want to smell but I find that I like sinner the most. I also get migraines and this scent doesn't bother mer.

Luna V.

I am extremely sensitive to a lot of perfumes, and it runs in my family. Migraines abound when we get guests who wear a lot of strong fragrance, and even some of my sister's B&BW mists bother us. That said, whenever I read "vetiver," "patchouli," "woods," or "musk," I usually run the other way.

I love this fragrance. I get more deep fruity-floral from this than woody-floral, though there is that cinnamon-bark scent underlying. Perhaps it's just the way the formula reacts to my skin, but it's much more wearable than the description would have led me to believe. If I had to describe this to someone else, I'd say it's more plum-cinnamon than anything else. Being a jasmine fanatic, I can't say that note smacks me in the face, but the flowers I smell in this aren't the heady jasmine I love.

On me, this scent goes on and stays steady for maybe an hour, then morphs into something much sweeter, which is what lingers on. I end up reapplying every couple hours or so, which isn't bad considering the applicator is small and discreet.