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This foundation looks really nice on my skin if I apply it and set it a certain way. My skin is combination; T-zone is very oily, but it also flakes and I have huge pores. If I apply this foundation with a buffing brush, it looks kind of heavy and cakey, but if I apply with a blending sponge, it looks flawless and does a great job of evening out my skin tone. It's got a medium coverage, especially if blended with a sponge, so the redness on my face shows through a bit. Overall, it's got a great natural finish. It isn't too matte or too shiny.


I LOVE this product so much for my brows. Granite is the perfect color for anybody with black or dyed-black hair who doesn't want brows that look "too brown" or too warm. Even with near daily use, this lasted me about three months and was well worth the money. It's so thin that I'm able to draw on the tail of my brow as skinny as I want it to be.

It does smudge a little on oily skin, so I recommend setting with a similar colored eyeshadow or a powder, but it stays all day if it's set.

Re-reviewing less positively

I reviewed this last fall and it was very positive as a first impression, but as I used this more and more, I liked it less and less. When I first open a new tube, this mascara is so insanely wet that it makes a mess all over my eyelids, so I let it dry out a bit and it's much better that way. Also, the brush is so pointy that I always stab my eyelid and it feels scratchy and irritating. :( The formula is definitely good, but the brush is not working for me.

Love this!

This is amazing for waterproofing mascaras that were not made as waterproof. That way, you don't have to buy an already-waterproof mascara that's going to dry up extra fast and you can still make it waterproof. I use it on my lower lashes especially since my eyes tend to water and my mascara never budges!

LOVE this mascara. I love the shape and texture of the wand; the product glides right onto the lashes and doesn't really clump unless I overdo it or go in at an awkward angle. I do get a clump once in a blue moon, but that's way better than most other mascaras I've tried before. I got the mini birthday freebie from Sephora, but would definitely buy the full sized tube.

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I don't care for the applicator that comes with the compact, so I just use a face brush to apply this foundation. I don't like to pile on tons of face makeup, so what I like about this foundation is that I can just apply it with a dampened brush and I get great coverage. I also use it to fix any mistakes when I do my brows or to conceal the color of my lips.

I really love the applicator on this liner. It's basically a brush, but is very, very thin and firm, so it's super easy to get a precise, thin line and a clean, crisp wing. The Ultra Black color is definitely quite black, and the formula dries pretty quickly once applied.

I don't notice a difference in my lashes, but I only bought mine as an eyeliner, so it's not a drawback for me.

This palette has a great range of neutrals from light to dark. I really like the taupe colors this palette has to offer and they seem to look great with my [cool/pink undertone] complexion. I don't use every shade and one or two of them I never use at all, but there are several that I do use, so it's still worth it for me.

LOVE this hot pink color. So insanely bright and in-your-face, yet it can also be used more lightly to be less extremely bright. I even have used this shade as a blush when I want a brighter pink look.

Vibrant, long-wearing, perfect.

I use Poison Plum on my brows all the time. Amazingly pigmented deep purple that looks like a real, true PURPLE. Not too blue, not too red. The only note I would make would be that it does stain my skin by the brows, but I draw them on daily so it isn't really a negative for me, personally.