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Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat


Cassie ann L.
Love this!

I love this top coat! It is water proof and totally wonderful! You can use it on your brows or on top of an mascara! It is a must for summer and those days at the beach!

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Kate R.

Little if any smell. Glides on- not sure how long it will last- but it does a great job as a waterproof topcoat. Will buy again

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Angela S.
HG - as a base coat to hold curl

I probably use this in an unconventional way. I use it as a base coat because have you ever heard that water proof mascara holds curl? Well this stuff certainly works on my stubborn usually straight lashes. Of course I need to curl my lashes first but this stuff works like a charm in holding that curl afterwards. I feel like I can't go without this stuff anymore. I will be so sad if this ever gets discontinued.

Yesenia D.

Totally waterproof! It's completely clear and undetectable except for a glossy effect which I personally like. And the brush has a nice shape to it so it doesn't cause clumping or anything like that. This is perfect for the upcoming summer ;)

Susan W.
My holy grail product!

Many of my favorite mascaras don't come in waterproof formulations. This stuff is awesome--it will transform ANY mascara in to a waterproof one! Really waterproof!!! One time my kids left a giant bottle of vinegar uncapped in an overhead cabinet and it dumped on my head. Throughout the ordeal of rinsing my face off my mascara stayed on perfectly. I have gone through about 10 tubes of this and will continue to use it forever!!!!!

Brittany H.
Love this!

This is amazing for waterproofing mascaras that were not made as waterproof. That way, you don't have to buy an already-waterproof mascara that's going to dry up extra fast and you can still make it waterproof. I use it on my lower lashes especially since my eyes tend to water and my mascara never budges!