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Apr 28, 2011

Robin A.

Your gorgeous!! Hope to see you around more ^^

Apr 29, 2011

Bebe F.

thanks Robin, like wise dear! please keep in touch<3

Apr 22, 2011

Micia I.

hey , do you know where i can get some loose glitter for cosmetic purpose ? 

Apr 26, 2011

Bebe F.

You can go to an arts and craft store like michaels or a beauty supply store, if your willing to spend the extra cash you can get some makeup forever loose glitter, there awsome.. let me know how it works out for you!!

Apr 27, 2011

Micia I.

k thanks .! i will

Apr 08, 2011

Vanessa M.

hey!!! im new and see that your already an established MUA and was wondering do you having any tips for someone starting off =D

Apr 09, 2011

Bebe F.

Network!, and sell yourself.. if thats what you want to do and make a career out of it those are some pretty important factors.. also try to get into cosmetic retails, and department stores so you can kinda feel how it works when working on all diffrent types of people and skin.. and make a portfolio of everything you do so you can keep up with your work and see the growth with in your artistry!.. =)

Apr 04, 2011

Linda D.

Thank you so much for the follow :)

my beauty! i MISS YOU SO!

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Bebe F.

Location: NYC,New Jersey,Philadelphia

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About Me

Eye Color: Hazel
Complexion: Dark
Skin Type: Dry, Normal
Hair Color: Black
Hair Texture: Normal


Inbox me or message me via email at or


Q: when did you start doing makeup?
A: I have been playing in makeup ever since I can remember, I remember my mother had this golem vanity that she use to have in her bathroom and there was all different kinds of face candies (makeup) and I would play with it all day then get in trouble of messing up everything lol, but that’s when my love for makeup was just begging then as I got a little older it started to grow when I attended high school I remember seeing all the girls with all the looks of makeup all different colors and shades and different styles and I loved it!.. that’s when I fell in love with it and said yes, that’s what I want to do I want to make beautify.. and that was years ago now im an actual artist..

Q: I love your hair, is it all yours and if so what products do you use?
A: Thank you, and it’s a little bit of half & half I do wear ecetension but it is important to take care of your own hair, so with that I use Fedrick Fakkai,CHI, and Carols daughter.. there hair milk is the best and smells so good, keeps my hair in check!

Q: What foundation do you use?
A: I use a few one of my favs are M.A.C studio fix fluid, mineralize satin finish and the sculpt I also love mineralize cream finish its awesome for ppl with dry skin like me.. Chanel has an awesome one its called the vitallumener in chestnut it gives an awesome semi glow finish..

Q: Whats you background orgin, like are you mixed?
A: Ohh umm okay, I am 2nd generation Portuguese which is cape verden and afro Dominican.. I love my people and my countries lol.. im proud to be a woman of color!

Q: What you consider yourself a makeup snob?
A: Yes and no, yes because I do believe in you get what you pay for I do believe in using the best quality produts that are made but the beauty industry has lots to offer for our beauty budget friendly grils and there pretty darn good, and everybody has there favorite cheapy bag.. I love rimmel and Revlon products they have come a long way and there lip products are amazing, and hard candy too.. awesome stuff!

Q:What do you think about plastic surgery?
A: haha that’s a good one, but honestly I don’t mind it, if that’s what you want and you think it will make you happy go for it, why the hell not?!

Q: What’s your favorite nail polish?
A: ohh I have a lot but im really feeling mod about you by opi its an awesome spring/summer color.. like a nude pink!

More comming soon!