Beauty Product Reviews

Excellent Quality & Function

I'm really happy with this brush! The hair is extraordinarily soft, especially for goat hair. I was hoping for something I could use with more pigmented blushes/bronzers that would allow a soft wash of color. I prefer subtlety on my cheeks and that's challenging to achieve with some products and brushes. This really is the perfect length and density to do exactly that.

Beautiful Quality

Wayne Goss has done a wonderful job of ensuring his second release of brushes is of excellent quality, just like the first. I love this brush. I primarily use it for highlighter application, as I prefer a very subtle look. It works very well for a very light application. If I could change one thing I would have preferred maybe a slight increase in the density, but overall I'm pleased!

Beautiful Quality - Superb Function

I already owned the Collection and the Holiday Brush from the Wayne Goss line and I was really hoping the quality of the subsequent releases would be equal even though the hair type changed. I'm very pleased to report this brush is everything I hoped it would be. The hair is incredibly soft on my sensitive eyelids, it picks up pigment beautifully, and on a personal level, I'm so happy with the size. I have VERY large eyes and this allows me to cover my lids with color more quickly and evenly. Well done, Wayne! Keep the awesome brushes coming! :)

Seriously Fantastic

I rarely take the time to write reviews, but I'm a bit of a make-up fanatic and tend to focus on purchasing the highest quality products. I've spent a good bit of money over the years on expensive make-up brushes but hadn't yet ventured into the Japanese brands I've heard so much about because I was concerned about the absence of cruelty-free commitments. I'd read that Wayne chose a specific manufacturer, in part, because of their commitment to being cruelty free. I received my WG brushes and my very first thought was, "WOW! These things are tiny!" and then I brushed them against my skin and my second thought was, "HOLY COW! These are SOFT!" I went inside and did my make-up and can't begin to explain how pleased I am with the quality of these brushes which translates directly into the quality of application. End results are far superior and the application experience is so enjoyable. I tend to appreciate the precise application of smaller brushes, but if you're really bothered by that, these might not be for you. As for me, I'm in LOVE, and I'm hoping the great success Wayne has seen with these will lead to a larger range. I would love a larger powder brush. Next time they come in stock, I'll be buying back-ups of the eye brushes.