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Wayne Goss

Brush 15 Fan Brush (2014)

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Contouring Made Easy

Wayne Goss is back with more must-have brushes! In this step by step tutorial, you’ll learn how to get the most out of The Face Set. Read More

The Face Set

Like all of Wayne’s brushes, The Face Set is handcrafted from cruelty-free, ultra-soft natural bristles. Watch this introductory video to get the inside scoop on this set from Wayne himself.

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Lian D.
The Best Fan Brush!

The thickness of the brush makes it perfect for applying highlighter precisely. The softness not only makes it a pleasure to use but also does not disturb your makeup when dusting away excess powder. If washed and dried correctly, this brush holds its shape and doesn't shed. It is the best fan brush I have ever used. My brush is a year old.

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Larissa L.

Wayne Goss did a great job with this brush. I use it to apply highlighter. It is very soft and yet applies the perfect amount of highlighter to where I need it. One of the aspects I look in a brush is how it holds up after cleansing. I washed this brush a few times and it hasn't changed at all. I recommend it.

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Tyra H.

I absolutely love all my WG brushes and this is one of my favorites. I love to do my highlighting with it but that's not all I use it for. I use it to sweep my blush across my cheekbones. Wayne Goss did a video on a cut blush technique and this is th brush he used to demonstrate it.

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Judy M.

Brush #15 is quite versatile as previous reviews have stated! Love it! Wayne has a video using it for blush high on the cheekbones sculpting so to speak. Can be used for highlighting, subtle contouring, sweeping off fallout from eyeshadow, dusting Hourglass ambient powders, pretty much anything! Beautylish's personal touch when carefully packaging your items to the personal signature of the packer is much appreciated!

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Elizabeth N.
The best fan brush!!

I bought this brush because some one on youtube suggested the brush and it is one of a few products on that has 5 stars. I agree with the other reviews this brush is amazing and love it!!!

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Inna  N.

One of the tools i cannot live without . Fabulous and soft for power , blush or any touch ups. An absolutely must have for face contouring .It applies just right amount every time.

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Yvonne B.
Amazing Multi tasker

I have not worn blush on regular basis in few years now as it was a real challenge to get the right amount without looking clownish....I have really high cheekbones and overall very define strong features and although it may seem like a great thing I have struggled to keep things from looking overwhelming on my face. This brush is the ticket. I have worn blush everyday since I got this brush. I ended up buying few more brushes. Wayne's tutorial on how to use it just kind of clicked to me and it has really changed the application of my make up. LOVE IT. Highly recommend it. They are well done, beautifuly crafted, high quality brushes. Wouldn't expect anything less from Wayne.

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Anna J.
Make-up must have!

I love fan brushes, so much so that I have six of them. My latest addition from Wayne Goss is fast becoming my favorite. I use it for just about everything, from removing shadow fallout, to powdering, applying blush, bronzer, and highlighter. If you're after subtle sheer results, this brush will not disappoint. The bristles are unbelievably soft, and not too dense or fluffy. It really is the perfect fan brush!

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Symantha O.
Never received it...

I never received my #15 brush when I got my order. I got another brush instead. I couldnt be bother to return to and what have u, so just stated using the brush I was sent.. Ended up ordering another fan brush from another company. So I can't attest to the quality or use of this brush. Maybe, I'll order it again in the future...

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Maika S.
Beautiful Brush.

I am satisfied with my brush and love using it to apply highlighter! I was reluctant to purchase until I saw Stephanie Nichole's in-depth review on the brushes, I'm really glad I didn't settle for a different brand. Its incredibly soft to the touch so it doesn't irritate my skin at all and it applies just enough powder. Not too little and not too much. I lost one or two hairs but thats to be expected I suppose. Definitely recommend!

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