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Dec 6, 2015

Nelly S.

Thanks for the follow love. Returning the fav <3.

Jan 11, 2016

Jane C.

Thank you Nelly! Happy New Year!

Oct 25, 2015

Yaya B.

Thanks for following me. You are soo pretty. Following back boo.

Jan 11, 2016

Jane C.

Hi Yaya! Thanks beautiful!

Jan 23, 2015

Traci L.

Yes hun you can use them both around the eye area.

Jan 31, 2015

Jane C.

I just started using it, thank you so much for being so generous with your knowledge!

Sep 21, 2014

Ashley F.

Thanks for the hair advice the other day :), I wish I could have recommended something for your hair but I honestly have no idea :( I hope you find something that works for you!

Aug 24, 2014

Ashley F.

Hi, following! I saw that you commented about my hair in my blue lipstick post. My hair is truly a dirty dark blonde and I've been dying it the same red color for 14 years lol. I was actually just thinking about it the other day, how my hair doesn't ever really look red in my pics, but more a dark brownish color. In real life though, it is a very deep almost violet red color. I use Redken Color Gel 5RV and then I low light it with Matrix 2N. If was truly a red head I would NEVER dye my hair, I think real red hair is so gorgeous. I like the color of your hair, it's very natural looking if you do dye it. Dying your hair red is a constant struggle with the unavoidable fading :/

Sep 1, 2014

Jane C.

I think of myself as a redhead but no I'm a medium brunette- with a lot of greys unfortunately. This morning I bought a box dye of a light something closer to my own real color. I just can't stand paying over $150 every 5 weeks at a salon for red hair! Wish me luck!

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Jane C.

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