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love it

i really love this pallete. i even cant chose between the colors everytime i open it up. i just bought it. one thing i dont like is that naked 2 is so look a like. while naked 3 has more rose colors which i really like :) anyway. its a awesome pallete for everyday and the two matt colors are awesome for the crease

so pretty

absolutly a stunning lipstick. smooths on good, it does dry a little but not to much. it doesnt stay on for long. even with lip primer and lipliner it still goes off quick. but comon, for that price i wont complain about it. if i wear that lipstick, and i will be out all day, ill drop it in my purse.

just awesome

cant say much about it. they are cheap, nice pigmented, good quality. i like all the shadows. its such a awesome shadow for the price they sell. i like all the matt aswell as the shimmered one. overall super awesome!

awesome shadow

i love love love all there single eyeshadows, BUT this one is special, not for the eyes, but as a contour color. this is absolutly matt and looks as "shade". bronzer isnt the right product to contour youre nose with. there are special matt grey contour colors, but they are way more pricy then this. i use this color to softly contour my nose and cheeks. it looks like REAL shadow :)


sadly the shade is wayyy darker then the packiging says. the coverage is oke but doesnt last long. but for the price is ok. but i am not impressed about it. wouldnt buy it again :) but for a beginner its good

so pretty

this is such a pretty coral pink color. its not to bright. and its super duper cheap. just add a good top coat and it last for a good time.

the best!

the most best little pallete for that price! i adore it and mine is allmost gone. i love the colors. the white as highlither, the nude skin tone all over the lid. and the browns for the crease and outer corner. its really cheap but awesome fot everyday. every girl should have this in her collection

ooh yes!!!

one of my favorite mascaras. i adore this one. i dont like the wand, cus sometimes there is a bug chunk of mascara on it, so when i apply it, i suddenly have a big chunk of mascara on my lashes. so i need to whipe a bit off first. but when applied, my lashes are suuupeer long, and really seperated. and you can get in the corners with it easy.


its way different then the other primers i have. this one doesnt really have a smell. its a clear jelly primer. but o my gosh! it makes my face like a baby butt. sooo soft! dont have that with my other primers. i really love this stuff.

love it

i really love this foundation! gives a smooth finish. a little amount does the job. just dust a little powder on top and it looks amazing. really glowing. but for me it grease a little bit. but other then that, really good!

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