Eyeshadow Quattro


Trixie P.

I bought this as a cheap and small palette. It's great! With the colours you can do all that stuff like light on the inside of the eye, darker in the crease etc. It's a great palette for people who are just starting out with makeup and do not feel the need to buy a whole big one.

Hafsa L.
Love it!!!

I really love nude color for every stuff either its make up or nail polishes or dresses and shoes and this product made me happy i really love this product and it looks like that i have done natural make i just wanna say that i really love this product...

Deseni F.
the best!

the most best little pallete for that price! i adore it and mine is allmost gone. i love the colors. the white as highlither, the nude skin tone all over the lid. and the browns for the crease and outer corner. its really cheap but awesome fot everyday. every girl should have this in her collection

Caitriona H.
completely worth the buy

I actually bought this a few years ago and am only hitting pan now. I really like it, it's not the most pigmented but it's so inexpensive and perfect for a subtle eye look. Would definitely recommend.

Giftedteacher M.
Well worth the buy!

I purchase Essence here in Toronto from Shoppers Drug Mart. So far I have not had many major disappointments. I LOVE this shadow, it has tons of pigment, great coverage and is long lasting. I sometimes apply it over the long lasting colour in the pot from Essence too, then it really lasts. I think the product is comparable to the high end brands I usually buy.