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Beauty Product Reviews


I bought this to fill my eyebrows and i love it, also for lining the top of my eyes . It stays all day and looks crisp and clean , would buy it again in a heart beat !!!!!


I love MAC this however is my first bad purchase, it costs 23$ and i was soo dissapointed when i applied it . I am normally very good and always apply liquid liner I love the old hollywood liner on top. I cant do a line the brush is hard and, not flexible and it smears all over my eye shadow and ruins it. It goes on watery and does not last long. I would be happier with my NYC liner much easier to apply and last longer and its 2.99$ so not a spurge worth wile !

amazing !

This eye shadow works great you only need a little and it lasts all day long with a very good look. I have three shadows from MAC and I use ricepaper for my highlighter followed my day gleam. I would recommend this eye shadow 100% they work well are highly pigmented and not powdery !

Long lasting !

I bought this for my wedding because i wanted to look good and have a long lasting foundation that dident take much to look flawless and I am more than happy with this one. I bought it in febuary and still have alot in the bottle it works wonders and a little goes along way. I am very dry so its lasts all day long I dont have to worry about it wearing off because of my dry skin, and it is moisturizing at the same time. I would recommend it !

Good !

I have bleached blonde hair and this works very well to make it look healthy and smooth, i use it every day but only about a pump and it makes my hair soft! i often use a few pumps over night for when I am washing it out the next day, since it is a clear serum it wont leave any kind of discoloration in your hair like Moroccan oil would since it is a brown serum, clear is much better for your hair !


This is the perfect red for everyone , its matte and lasts forever. Very close to the rianna shade but a bit different. It goes on nice and looks bright, makes teeth look whiter and overall full coverage, but for a day time look i sometimes dab it on with a clear gloss for a less dramatic look.

Very Good !

I bought the blush for my wedding and loved it, its costly but it will never break and it lasts forever on and the product itself. Hardly need any for i great look and totally worth it !


I looked up review on before trying this and it made me scared to death because alot of people said their hair pretty much was falling out. i tried it anyways and was not overly thrilled with the results, it lightened my regrowth so its less noticeable but it looked brassy ! I dont think i will continue the use just cause i dont want to fry my hair and the review i have read made me think twice. I liked Sun-In much better it smelt better and did not dry out my hair at all !