Beauty Product Reviews

Ahh, perfect for winter!

The only night cream I've been using all winter! It's very thick and smells strongly of roses. (Something I like, but others might shy away from.) It absorbs very nicely and leaves my skin supple and radiant in the morning! Thanks to this I haven't had my usual dry patches.

Squeaky clean!

I've been using this for a few months now and I love it. You only need a pea sized amount--it lathers very easily! It smells good, clean and fresh. What I love the most about this wash is that it literally leaves my face squeaky clean. (As in rubbing my fingers on my clean skin in the shower makes a squeaky sound.) BUT, importantly, it doesn't strip! My face never feels dry or tight. In fact, it feels soft and supple and very radiant and luminous. It's also kept me from breaking out!

One of my favorite highlighters!

Gives an amazing healthy, radiant glow. It looks extremely pink in the pan, but it offers a sheer wash of color. I find myself reaching for this every day. It also smells amazing!

Very versatile!

This product is so interesting. I use it to highlight my face with a dense blush brush. The neat thing is it is literally "cool." When you brush it across your cheeks there is a cooling sensation. It's so neat! This blends into skin seamlessly and works to give a radiant, healthy finish.

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My skin has never looked better!

After going through a ton of foundations lately, I walked into MAC and asked for a recommendation. I asked for something long-wearing, medium-full coverage, with a natural finish. She immediately sat me down, picked up shade 1, and applied. I have a very hard time finding foundation that is light enough for my skin, but this is it. When applied correctly, you can't tell I'm wearing make-up.

The formula is a little bit on the dry side, but I'm okay as long as I moisturize and prime first. It allows my freckles to show through ever so slightly, which I think looks natural. It definitely lasts all day--I usually apply at 8am and take it off at 10pm. It's very lightweight and just looks incredible.

My go to lipstick!

I've been wearing this everyday. On my days off of work, I normally stick to powder and mascara. I never worry about my lips. But after buying Venus, I've been wearing this all the time! It's an extremely flattering light pink color. I swatched it at the MAC store and immediately knew I had to have it. My lips don't look overdone, and it doesn't wash me out. I have very fair skin and it's just enough color to make me look put together. The formula lasts for a long time, goes on creamy, and definitely doesn't dry your lips out.

New love affair!

These are very fun to play with and apply, and they are highly pigmented if you build them up. One swipe with your finger allows for sheer coverage. I have not been able to apply these with a brush because it doesn't pick up enough product. These are "squishy," a hybrid between cream and powder. Important note: I wore this alone yesterday, for 10+ hours, without a base, and it creased slightly.