Beauty Product Reviews

Dries down in <30 sec, nontransferrable, BUT

I'm getting tired of flat mattes so I bought a couple of these with shimmer. This shade IS in keeping with a true cameo color. It is the palest of peach with a hint of pink. I will only use this when sporting an intense smoky eye..It has subtle shimmer that is barely noticeable once it dries down. I feel it highlights every wrinkle or narural crevasse in my lips. I do not reach for this and will give to a niece. The darker shade Hot Rod (a gorgeous pink) does not do this. I found after eating or drinking it did not wear off unevenly. Be ready to touch up! TF is no competition for the sublime formula of the Armani lip magnets or the YSL Tatouage.

Not as purple as pictured, thank goodness!

Suitible for all skin tones, this wet or dry, multidimensional formula is so much more than this picture. The lightest shade is neutral with iridescent sparkles, the only purple (bright lavender) is in the upper right. The bottom left is a blue-grey with iridescent sparkles. Bottom right, is the palest of lavenders with iridescence. The colors apply beautifully and blend seamlessly. You won't reach for this every day, but it would be a special and unique addition to any collection.

New Quad shades from Tom Ford? Yes please!

If you are new to TF, welcome, you are in for a treat! Though I was very sad to see him do away with the celestials that were part of the old Quads, ALL of these may be used wet or dry. Virgin Orchid is gorgeous. Out of all his palettes, it is closest to nude dip. It leans cool-neutral and looks great on my light eyes. This uad has minimal fallout and blends like a dream. There is no matte in the palette, so I contour with a compatible neutral matte for blending. What is special about this palette is these are not a satin finish. Each, when exposed to the sunshine reveals multidimensional sparkles. Put this on your list!

Natasha Denona Favorite small palette!

I have blue eyes and this unique palette is so flattering! I do lay down a light matte tan blending shade in the crease to start, then I get creative! Very little fallout, blends easily, sometimes I add a little extra pop on the ball of lid with my finger with the pink or orangey shade. This palette can be worn year round. I use a mix of Tom Ford, Mac, Surratt brushes. So I have been using natural hair brushes for my application (and the occasional finger). You won't regret this one!

Finally the perfect pink!

I have several of these in different shades, but with French Kiss Jouer has finally made the perfect Pink, bright but not too bright, a mix of both cool and warm tones (leans cool on my light skin), and of course non-drying. These are non-transferrable, do not highlight imperfections in the lips, and wear time is about 6-8 hours if drinking. They have a smaller doe tipped applictor than other brands which I find useful for makinf a crisp outline of my lips, or when making an ombre look with 2 colors.

Save your money, by the Dipbrow in the pot!

I am a big fan of Anastasia, but this is a miss. So much product comes out on the wand, you can not use the wand, if you do, HUGE amounts of product are distributed on to your eyebrows. It is a hot mess getting it off if you have already done your makeup (I do my eyebrows nearly last). The only way to use it is 1. Wipe most of the product of the wand and waste it, 2. Use a small eye brow brush to get the product off the brush and then distribe with a dry spool, 3. Buy the Dipbrow in a pot and save yourself this mess.

Must have from the Summer Soliel 2019 collection

I have light skin, and this is the prettiest of all the duos to date (I own 3 others). Use each alone or blended together for added variety. I can use the warmer shade o the high points of my forehead to warm up my complexion. The product is dense, deeply pigmented and blends seamlessly. There is no fallout with application. I think this shade would be suitable for all but the deepest skin tones, favoring fair to medium the best. This is the stand out fro the Soliel 2019 collection, hands down.


This is an incredible luxe offering from Sulwhasoo. The fine artistry of the compact is difficult to capture in a photo. It is weighty and beautiful and their is a protective pouch for travel. The picture of the blush is spot on. Don't be afraid of the bright shade, I am fair-light and it applies easily on me. It could be built up to maximum intensity for women of color with easy. The shine factor is subtle and sublime, not glittery or garish. It does come with a collapsible portable brush that is very useful. You can refill the compact too! I highly recommend this splurge!

Pass on this one ladies!

I am a huge By Terry fan. I purchased this the day it came out. Gorgeous presentation. The love affair ended there. All 3 products where glittery and felt gritty on the lips. I expected a far more elegant formulation. I have been wearing the Baume de Rose and the have purchased the anniversary (with gold flecks) and been very pleased. This is not the good stuff by any means. You will be widly underwelmed

Many brushes have duplicate functions in this set, not well edited

I was shocked and diappointed that 3 of the eyebruhes were of such similar shape and style that they seemed repetetive to place in a set. Very poorly editing on Wayne's part. Because of this I give this set a HARD PASS. That being said, I would purchase brushes individually to avoid the redundancy found in this set. The brushes are well made and easy to work with. IMHO I do find that his brushes desined for the crease area are a little to long and floffy for my personal taste, I would have preferred a shorter brush for better control and accuracy. I particularly found the eyeline brush outtanding for applying gel liners. High marks for for the foundation and cheek brushes too!