Jouer Cosmetics

Long-Wear Lip Crème


Teegan M.
dried out
Photo of product included with review by Teegan M.

This lipstick was so dried out and clumpy I couldn't even apply it. Beautiful shade though

Pamela D.
Fantastic color and quality product

I love long wearing lipsticks. Lip color is the staple color in my makeup routine. I wear foundation, a little eyeliner on the upper lash-line, blush and lipstick....that's what gives me color. My look is minimal and a bold lip color makes it pop. This is my first time purchasing a Jouer product and it's amazing! Great formula, long wearing, and so velvety soft. I use a plumping gloss underneath before I apply as the formula is 'foil like' and accentuates lip lines. Using a plumping gloss first smooths my lip lines and shows the color more evenly and smoothly.

Lisa A.
Finally the perfect pink!

I have several of these in different shades, but with French Kiss Jouer has finally made the perfect Pink, bright but not too bright, a mix of both cool and warm tones (leans cool on my light skin), and of course non-drying. These are non-transferrable, do not highlight imperfections in the lips, and wear time is about 6-8 hours if drinking. They have a smaller doe tipped applictor than other brands which I find useful for makinf a crisp outline of my lips, or when making an ombre look with 2 colors.

Dianne H.

ADORE this color!! So far it's my favorite!! I'm a red lip junkie and or a darker lip junkie so I have a way to go before I try them all. I can't wait!! Dealing with this company is simply superb!!! Never hesitate if you have a question or problem. Thank you Beautylish!!🥰

Debbi R.

Love this long lasting lip cream and snapdragon is a beautiful color. Ben using if for months. Joure is the best

Hu H.

I think this color for night club....not for daily life,and its hard to handle this color for me我个人觉得比较适合黑人,很艳丽的唇色,一般人HOLD不住

Stephanie  H.
Bronze Rose is GORGEOUS

I found this lipstick on an ad on Facebook and I'm so glad I clicked on it! The color is SO pretty, I just love it! The price, color and feel can't be beat! Plus, it smells SO good! Great product!

Valerie B.
Perfect shade
Photo of product included with review by Valerie B.

I love Cabarnet by Jouer. It is a long wearing lip colour that exceeded the 5 hor mark! I highly recommend this colour and brand

Valerie B.
Perfect shade

I'm in love with Jouer Cabarnet. On my skin tone it's an every day long wearing lipstick. I would highly recommend this product. I have used it often on my YouTube channel.

Isabel F.
Very streaky, horrible color

For the price, I was expecting something better. This has the same consistency as a cheap drugstore no name brand. It separated so much during applocation that I had to put on at least 4 layers. It felt sticky and unnatural. I was expecting the same color as the one pictured here. It is more like a very bland, pale beige color. I will use it to lighten other darker colors.